I know something about you. You are seeking answers in a very uncertain situation. You have read through articles and talked to friends. But, the same patterns keep showing up. At the core of your searching is a singular desire: To love and be loved in return. So, why is it so damn hard?!

What is it that you are doing to be such a loser in love? Why isn’t having a positive mindset working when it comes to picking a partner that will stay? What the F do we have to do on this planet to end the stupid grind that is dating and just have healthy relationships?

I hear your frustration and I am aware of the Dating Narrative:

Two people meet each other but no one is really admitting to the other that they are scared shitless of love while also desperately craving it. Those of us who tend to be more anxious frontload the dating process with lists of our ideal partner and ungodly expectations. Those of us who tend towards being hyper-independent tend towards hoping for an ideal partner who will be easy and have no flaws; the perfect amount of closeness but not too close. The dating dance begins and the lies are endless because, here is the thing, we lie to ourselves about what we are capable of giving and of receiving. Sex tends to be something we rush into and mistake for a deep emotional bond. Then, the after a few dates, if we even make it that far, pain starts to surface. This process can take months or even years steeped in ambivalence before we wake up to the truth. We are trapped and don’t know what to do about it.

We feel defeated, beat down, lost, and afraid.

The thoughts in our head sound like:

“Will they come back if I follow the no-contact rule?”

“What if I just try this one more thing to get them to change?”

“Maybe if I give it more time they will come around.”

“I just don’t get why they would leave me for them.”

“This sucks. I deserve better. But, he is in a bad place right now and he needs me.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

I’ve been there and I not only know the way forward, I have guided my clients out of a bad relationship into the arms of the one who adores them.

You can be free from suffering the loss of bad relationships and regret. You can be free to ask for what you want and get it. You can have a healthy relationship. At the foundation of your freedom is commitment to the path.

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Together we will choose one of the options listed above to shift you from where you are to a place of power, clarity, and trust. I am going to ask a lot from you. I’m going to ask you to give your all to our time together and in return I will give you everything you need to create the love you want.