What is simple in the spiritual realms often translates as challenge in the physical plane.

As a psychic, medium, and channel I often receive messages like this when working with clients. The beauty is as I’m “reading” for someone else I’m also being informed.

I’ve heard it echoed in conversations that 2017 was a bitch of a year; one that many of us do not want to replicate in 2018. Of course no one year defines a life but rather casts light on the direction it is going.

My life has two different shades to it depending on the perspective. At first blush it’s been a life of freedoms and synchronicities. I’ve had the ability to travel the United States several times over. In fact, I’m on the precipice of moving my things into storage and living out of a van for the next three months while I go on tour to promote my book. Although, when it comes to being successful by conventional standards, I’ve continued to fall short. I currently am living off my credit card and have a very small nest egg. I’m not married. I don’t have children. I’m not part of a religious institution. I am not politically active.

Just today, after a night of tossing and turning from overdosing on caffeine, I woke and returned to the substance again. You see, transition often stirs emotions that require tending to. But, I’ve already spend a majority of 2017 in emotional paralysis; mostly because I didn’t slow down enough to become intimate with it. Rather I took the convenient route of eating my feelings, loathing my body, anesthetizing my torment with coffee and distracting my mind with social media.

I suffered through yet another breakup this year because rather than take the time to get to know the chap it took one hour to decide to say yes to “tea”, which turned out to mean sex. This resulted in bonding with someone who was ill equipped for a stable relationship that would grow into a lifetime of memories. Rather, it was built on the foundation of civility giving way to entropy. Simply, we bonded through sex but fell apart in every other form of communication. Therefore, true intimacy became impossible and, as such, the relationship transformed into a vapid hole of unfulfilled desire.

Then ache set in. This is the kind of pain one can only identify as abandonment. It extends beyond feeling separate or banished or even outcast. But, rather than address it or even be present enough for it to come into awareness I chose convenience over intimacy. The continued suppression that comes with distraction has its consequences.

As winter set in, even in sunny California, my life began to freeze. Money trickled in as past expenditures piled up. My bed was occupied by only my body but often times my soul would remain absent. I became an emotional contortionist and a bit of a character in the process. Further, in the darkness I was also tasked with being a beacon of light to my clients.

It was pure torture. My days and nights were full of torment. And if faith were a meal meant to satiate torment, that meal would be communion. The bread as the body of Christ. The wine as the blood. Not enough to fill one’s stomach but enough to cleanse one’s soul. A soul that had been suppressed by an obsession with comfort, stability, and convenience.

Often times a new choice is made available only after the suffering from redundancy becomes unbearable. My continued seeking for a husband, a perfect body, a full bank account, and a life of luxury removed me from the sacred space called intimacy; for everything I was seeking after was also coupled with a judgement that I was less than enough because I didn’t have that which I had judged as salvation.

There is nothing inherently wrong with beauty or an aesthetic predicated on luxury. There is nothing right about it either. Yet we often offer worship to transient idols that in return for our devotion curse us with the compulsion to rob ourselves of joy through comparison. In doing so, we diminish our capacity to receive grace and enter into an intimate space.

It would be natural to assume that choosing convenience corrupts the soul and that the alternative answer is to choose intimacy. What is inherent in this logic is the very notion that corrupts each of us, which is believing that life has an answer at all. Rather it is a string of experiences that turn into lessons that becomes stories and at times teachings.

That is to say, what is simple in the spiritual realm is complicated in the human experience because in the process of distillation of thought into form the ego seeks for convenience and efficiency over preparation and intimacy. So, the lesson here lies in how we choose.

Like DNA, 2017 will replicate in 2018 unless it is coded differently. Intimacy requires one to be of healthy mind, body, and spirit. In order to do this we must take the time to learn how to have intimate relationships not only with others but also with food, money, our bodies, and our spiritual practices. For example, an intimate relationship with money requires us to communicate clearly with it by keeping a ledger, choosing wise investments, cleaning up past expenditures, and engaging in ethical transactions. Just paying the bills is a relationship of convenience.  Intimacy requires investment.

No matter the arena—finance, sex, health, wealth, abundance or spirituality that investment is that of time. And so, as we close out the chapters of our past and look towards the future once more we all have a choice to make—convenience or intimacy.

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