Sometimes we cannot see what is right in front of us.

Sometimes we cannot hear the truth being spoken. Sometimes we cannot receive the message transmitted in still moments. Why? It’s because we are distracted by the motives of greed and arrogance which then makes objects of everything and results in us being jaded. So, if you feel an adverse reaction to the word manifestation, it may be because of how it has become subversed through commerce to lust.

This article will not make sense to those who lust for things because the Mechanics of Manifestation (MOM) cannot be relegated to only objects. Rather, it is the process and not the outcome that yields the most fruit. So, let us explore the mechanisms of manifestation one by one until we can then order them into a mechanical process that organizes our desires into form.


Have you ever wondered why one person draws such delight from slaving away in a Kitchen to create gourmet food and another person can take that meal and translate it into a stunning review? Yet, each participant would balk at investing in the other’s task.

There is a uniqueness to our desires, which are curated over a lifetime. Like genius and species there are clusters of individuals with similar desires and distinct classifications of those desires. There are millions of bakers in the world. Some of them are professionals while others are novices. There are millions of food critics in the world. Some of them are featured in high profile magazines while others have a few dozen people who follow their blog.

Desires are scalable in that some are fleeting while others remain consistent through a lifetime. Artists are good examples of this. There are some that dabble in various media while there are others who commit to a craft come famine or feast. Neither is better than the other as each individual entertained the desire to be an artist concurrent with their capacity to house the discomfort, uncertainty, and pain that came with it.


Many of us know the concept that “Desire leads to suffering.” I would like to amend this and say denial of desire leads to pain and the denial of that pain results in suffering. In word–capacity. There is innate capacity and earned capacity. By virtue of the cultures we are born into as well as the bodies we grow into, there is a set baseline of capacity. A 6’4 nordic viking type will move through the world differently than a 5’4 fat Italian woman. Life and people will respond to them differently as well but through their life experiences they could develop a similar internal ecosystems of grit, suspicion, and humor. But, here is the distinction between the two, one will be able to metabolize pain and grow from it while the other will slowly shut down until they become a dead inside. The deciding factor is who has the capacity to recognize a desire as a beacon of something that wants to come into manifested form and then respond to that flicker of imagination by undertaking the journey through pain, uncertainty, and growth in order to live in the realization of their unique desire. A lot of people are too chicken-shit to even try.


In the Bible, the book of James chapter two verse twenty-six really sums up an important mechanism of manifestation:

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

Face your fears. Grow or die. Get off your ass and do something. Don’t just talk about it, be about it. Simply, take action in the direction of your destiny. The body that has been gifted to you is a temple. Your mouth is the alter. It is to be adorned with offerings. But, we curse it through comparison. We diminish it with judgement. We become paralyzed in our ignorance. Light the incense and watch the smoke turn to vapor. This is your dream expanding out to the edges of the universe and inviting all who are in sync with it to participate. The fire that ignites the sweet smoke can burn you if not focused. Please understand this metaphor as, “Be willing to learn what you don’t know and unlearn what you do know.” The way to do this is by engaging with life, being responsible, and staying embodied.

The Body

The only reason we require anything is because we have a body. Spirit does not need money. Spirit does not need food. Spirit does not need resources because it is source. But, the body, in it’s aliveness, requires a symphony of molecular interactions to occur simultaneously, if for nothing more than to perpetuate itself. The notion of wanting an outcome has an ionizing force to it. It is charged. It sets the body in motion. So, for us to truly bring a thought into being there must be emotions behind it. We must feel deeply connected to the time-space-continuum required by the body-mind to organize itself around the desire. An army of one with no weapons will lose against an trained fleet. That is to say, the isolating nature of arrogance and greed will kill us. It is only in being a servant that we can be set free to have the fullness of our experiences which are also an expression of who we truly are.

Alignment with Self

The final mechanism of manifestation remains a mystery because we don’t have the language to fully assimilate “Self.” It is both ubiquitous and unique. Yet, the simple truth remains that when we are fully ourselves we then have boundless energy to create. In fact, money is just the symbol we use for our capacity to create our reality. Our bodies are evidence of our habits. The lives we live are evidence of our beliefs. Alignment with our Self will prove as an expression of unabashed art.

The Mechanics.

When we have a desire visit us, it is meant for us. It is a love letter from the great mystery of existence requesting form and structure from our being. Each desire is mercurial. It inhabits its host as a guest but can become volatile if not attended to with care. The care given to it is contingent upon the host’s capacity to be aware that a desire is a directive. If the host’s primary motive is lust, it will be evident by a disgraceful and empty life. However, if the host has acquired the ability to invite pain in and let it clear out stagnant beliefs, then the host of desire will be animated by aliveness. That is to say desires met with the unwelcome overture of “What can I get from this?” will murder it’s host and rob them of life. But, for those who say, “What can I give to this?” life will be renewed through the blessings of pleasure and pain.
This soiree of transmutation of thought to form happens through the body. So, if you desire an outcome be willing to give your body as tribute. Stand firmly in gratitude for the perfection of where you are just as much as standing in the affirmation of what is coming into realization. Be a willing vessel that invites abundance into it through declaring what is yours.


For Example, I had a conversation with a lover who became a enemy that planted a seed for me to own my own lodge in Montana. I was wholly unaware of this concept until it was delivered to me through someone who I’ve come to despise.

But, there is such a purity to this dream that the vehicle in which it came does not matter. I know by virtue of this coming into awareness all the events required to realize it are also being organized through my willingness to undergo the journey of learning that will then result in me owning my lodge in Montana. Part of this journey was being purified through the pain of becoming attached to someone who was only a project and not a partner. It yielded blessings I could not have predicted.

So, the path to our manifestations isn’t always a direct one but I know through faith and works I will be living in Montana as soon as I am ready to be responsible for that life. When life has taken me through the lessons to the point I am ready to be a good steward of the blessings given, then I will be able to own my home–The Freedom Lodge.

I’ll not only have a place I can root, I will also have all the money required to effectively operate retreats, host Freedom Ministries, and administer the medicine of wild & free aliveness.

So, I say to you, have your desires but know they are directives for you to be of service. Have faith but don’t only have faith–take action. Keep a journal of your progress. Ask questions. Learn the technologies needed to strengthen your capacity to expand into your most creative and generative expression of who you be.

The mechanics of manifestation are delivered by processing through the mechanisms of desire, pain, trying, the body, and alignment with self. Declare it, and it will be so.