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I want what’s best for you. And that’s to pay me $10K to work together for 6 months so that you never have to go through this breakup shit again. Okay, I can’t actually guarantee that but I can tell you that it’s okay to get what you want, and that includes but isn’t limited to COMMITMENT. Guess where that comes from? You first. And even if you don’t work with me, I’ll still point you in the right direction to get what you need. So go ahead and book your free consultation now.


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Hello and welcome to a life of being you and having what you choose. Breakup Rehab is the beginning of our journey together. It’s a place you can call home. Together we will explore what you require in order to have the life of you choosing. We will refine your god-given talents until you become a master at having healthy relationships. Beautiful being that your are,consider this your standing invitation to receive all the good  that life has to offer YOU!  

All the resources you need to recover from a breakup or divorce.

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  2. Buy Young living oils kit (gift–90 min session)
  3. FB support group + Download Breakup Detox.


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