Rebekah and I led groups together at the Boulder Veterans Center. I was able to witness how she interacted with clients: she is perceptive, caring, and an insightful therapist who is good at helping people through difficult periods of time in their lives.

-Collette A. MSW

Rebekah’s style of counseling is filled with [such] a great degree of passion, cleaver humor, and intuition.

-Alexis Ornellas M.A.

I have known and trusted Rebekah for many years. She is a naturally gifted and intuitive friend and healer. As a counselor, she is deeply compassionate and resourceful. Over the years her guidance has taught me to recognize my behaviors that lead to destructive results. She is able to offer a healing perspective on any issue the I bring to her. When my life seems out of control, she is always the person to bring me back into focus. Her amazing ability to balance humor and healing creates an instant connection.

- Sherri, Yoga Instructor

Rebekah is truly gifted! Her passion for this work is evident and comforting. She is talented at making the correct and necessary associations. Also, Rebekah is hilarious!! SO much humor comes out of her, which is so necessary when you’re dealing with these deep and serious issues. She’s always laughing, and still, completely respectful in her work. Overall, I feel supported and seen, with Rebekah by my side on this healing journey!

- Stephanie, Energy Healer

I have known Rebekah for several years. Over the time I have known her and interacted with her she has proven to be one of the most charismatic, determined, and realest people I know.

~ Matthew H., Massage Therapist & Healer

This is how I would describe Rebekah: 1) She is extremely assertive. 2) She takes a very strong stand for the people around her. 3) She listens with one of the most keen ears I’ve ever known, and she has a memory that is unbeatable

- Greer Van Dyck, M.A.

Rebekah is honest, energetic, and intuitive.

- Erin Hernandez, M.A

Rebekah: great insight, amazing intuition, and a natural healer. Rebekah offers guidance with compassion, humor, and openness. She creates a safe and nurturing environment to explore the self and relationships. I have so much gratitude for all that I have learned from her!

- Stephanie Melmer, MSW

Rebekah is an emotionally competent, trust worthy, a visionary, and witty.

-Jocelyn, Child Therapist

Rebekah is a competent and effective counselor.

- Joshua, Business Owner

*Testimonials are provided by colleagues and peers and not solicited from clients. All therapeutic content is held as confidential.