Rebekah Freedom Biography

I know pain. I know the agony of heartbreak. And I know how to keep on going even when it feels like there is nothing left to live for. I wasn’t always called Rebekah Freedom. It’s a title I made up as a joke at first but it seems to be a badge of honor these days. I know that a lot of us try to live manicured lives that will make for good posts on social media. I have had my fair share of days that were #blessed. But, I’ve have had months, even years where I was hollow shell of a person just going through the motions.

In 2014 I went through my first devastating breakup. We weren’t right for each other from the start but the sex was too good and the companionship was too fun to walk away from. But, after about a year together we couldn’t deny that we wanted different lives. I wanted a family and he wanted to continue to be a gypsy. Since that time, my heart closed and my mind took over. I poured all I had to give into building my business and writing Breakup Rehab.

The story of our lives are continuously unfolding. We can either choose to go with the flow or resist it. And you know what has taught me to flow more than anything else in my life? Breakups. There are a moment in time where the initial instinct is to try and control every moving part. But, as we all know, it is impossible to do that. So, we will then try and be right. But, it’s impossible to sustain that. So, the next best thing to do is surrender.

Surrender is the only magic we really need because it’s the birthplace of allowing grace to flow through you. And grace continues to guide me to offer my unique gifts as a psychic, a witch, a writer, and a healer to those who are open to reciving it.

I’m honored that the mission of my life is to set people free.

With Love,

Rebekah Freedom