How can a psychic medium with a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling help you?

*Warning. Adult language on this page. 

Anxiety and worrying about our future, what choice to make, or how to turn a desire into a reality is stressful. Further it can be lonely at the top. We spend all our time thinking, “If I just had this thing then I would be happy.” So, we work our asses off to “get the thing” and then somehow that thing just becomes a pain in the ass. Sure, having a multi-million dollar home, a loving spouse, two kids, and several cars in the drive looks good on a postcard. But, how can you know who to trust? Is your partner just with you for the money? Do your friends even give a shit? Does anyone know that the abuse from your childhood is why you are so driven? Or do they just see what’s on the outside, talk smack behind your back, and smile to your face?

In Western standards, it’s good to be rich and bad to be poor. However, no matter the social status we can all share the same misery of chasing after an ideal; the whole time suppressing feelings of depression and anxiety. Self-help gurus keep saying “Be vulnerable.” But, being walled off and defensive has become such a habit it’s almost an addiction that can’t be fixed by reading more self-development material. In fact, the pursuit of “being better” can turn into another addiction in and of itself. Most of us are running from something with no clue on what to run towards.

Every damn one of us has had a version of this thought, “I want what I want and I want it now and if I don’t get it I’m going to kill myself because there is no point in living if I can’t have what I fucking want!” There are many apps for that. However, even with the world at our fingertips, we somehow keep searching for more.

Our anxiety remains high and our heart remains “thirsty”. Anxiety is the byproduct of being addicted to the idea of control. At the root of anxiety are the competitive energies of pride, shame, fear, and guilt. These feelings can cluster together to create a sophisticated defense strategy called narcissism.

Narcissists live with closed hearts and are walled off to receiving love. This coping strategy is a mutation of self-expression that develops when a child is shamed repeatedly. It’s not that the person who is coping with life through this disorder is inherently bad. And it’s not wrong to fall in love with a narcissist and hope they will change. It’s that there is a numbness we are all experiencing by being bombarded with information, data collection and societal pressures.

Nowhere are these pressures made more apparent than in romantic and semi-committed partnerships. I can’t emphasize this enough. The structure of how we talk about relationships may have evolved because of the LGBTQ community and the polyamorus community. However, no matter the configuration of the the relationship, it challenges our beliefs, values, and especially our egos.

We want to be in a peaceful relationship that will provide stability, certainty, trust, sex, intimacy and a whole lot more. However, many of us are on divorce number 2, on breakup number 500, and feel lost no matter who we are dating because as soon as they show up we fear them leaving.

I’d venture to say one of the number one driving factors to engage in a romantic relationship is loneliness. Yes, it’s touching into the terrifying void of our existence that often drives us to couple up. Although a lot of us cite “love” as the reason we are sticking it out with the wrong person. 

Love isn’t something that happens in the beginning of two people merging their lives. It develops over time, through challenges, and builds on every day small acts of kindness. But, we often confuse the rush of feelings that come with a new relationship with “being in love.” In truth, we are engaging in an entanglement or reliving childhood attachment patterns. Love exists beyond condition. A functioning partnership can still be void of love. It takes more that what pop culture has taught us to be in a loving, lasting, and committed partnership.


Now, I want you to think about something for a minute. How does all of this apply to you?

  • Do you desire a healthy and lasting partnership?
  • Are you tired of being at odds with your beloved?
  • Are you trying to avoid a very public and embarrassing divorce?
  • What addictions are impacting your relationship?
  • What would you give to have a peaceful and happy marriage?


This is where I come in.

What is a partner?

No matter how spectacular they were or how horrible they seem, our parents are not our partners.

They were our initial caregivers. And here is where all of us mess up. We think that a partner is someone who will take care of us. Nope. A partner is someone who can fully support themselves, be emotionally articulate, and in addition to running their life, can include you in it.

A partner is someone you can depend upon to communicate clearly. They work with you in a way that improves both of your lives. In fact, partnership is an active state where both parties in the relationship contribute to it. Each person has a vested interest in the other person’s well-being. This often means non interference in one another’s lives as a deep trust has been fostered between the two. Each person is an invitation to the other into expanded awareness.

While it’s true that a partner can demonstrate caring by performing remedial tasks such as laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and generating a steady income, that is not where his or her worth lies. When basic needs are attended to it does promote stability, but the real treasure of having a partner is in the growth it inspires.

When we get married or join our lives with someone, we often trade how we were raised for who we want to be in this lifetime. We are able to be reborn inside the relationship time and time again because we can trust that growth promotes the well-being of the couple.

However, drinking problems, cheating, lying, spending too much money, different parenting styles, blended family issues, and conflicting belief systems often shit all over our relationships that from the outside look “picture perfect” but on the inside feel like hot yoga and a perpetual hangover.

For those in marriage number two or some “twin-flame” bullshit, we thought, “This is going to be just the thing I need to feel happy.” NOPE.

We all get ourselves tangled up in low-down situations, and end up with mangled emotions, and rinse and repeat over an over. It’s as if we can’t learn our lesson by putting our hand in the fire–or dick–or vag.


I don’t care how old and experienced you are or if you are just entering the dating pool. We are all drowning without this one thing:


Because you know what?


So how do you get to THE TRUTH?  Not just some relative my truth for the moment and in passing type truth.


The higher love, peace that passes understanding, I am centered in myself, rooted in patience kinda FUCK YES I’M LIVING truth.

Well the Kardashians when to Bali in 2019 and the sister Kourtney did a 3 pillar ceremony to reconnect with her soul. So, that’s an option. However, if you aren’t going to charter a private jet, hire a vacation facilitator, and be guided through temple rituals, there is another option.


  • No, you don’t hire a life-coach. Sorry. Most of them will just give you a program to run. The TRUTH is we need to re-code the old programs.
  • Nope, you don’t start a new weight-loss plan or sign up to the newest cross-fit gym. And exercise is crucial and part of the equation.
  • I’m sorry to have to tell you this but redecorating your home, remodeling the kitchen, or living van-life isn’t it either. However, they are all spiritual experiences in some form or another.


So what is going to make the difference in your existence?



How can a psychic medium with a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling help you?

Well, I can do what only the true gurus do. I give you back to yourself.

What the hell does that mean? 

It means we live for everything outside of ourselves. Most of us confuse being narcissistic with being self-aware. We practice spirituality to show off to our friends.



There I just saved you like years of your life. But, what does SHUT UP AND GO WITHIN mean?

It means this, you can’t do this by yourself. That’s the irony. We need a strong guide who has been through the fire to lead us back to who we really are. 

What matters is that you get out of your own way by accessing my skills as a medical medium, breakup specialist, author, intellectual, clinical counselor, and spiritual authority to totally transform your miserable relationship, fucked up situation, and heal from that violation your parents or person of authority did to traumatize you.




If you aren’t just going to fuck around with your time, your mental health, you well-being, your kids’ lives, your dreams, your future, then guess what?


I always offer a free 30 minute consultation because this work isn’t the best fit for everyone. Not just anyone can handle the truth and then leverage it to heal their hearts, minds, bodies and lives. I’m offering you potent medicine. 

In our call we will construct your unique path forward and decide together what level of investment will create the change you are seeking.

I’m happy to answer any and all questions you have about the process.

This work is for you and bigger than you.