How many heart wrecks have you been in?

We often crash vehicles do to carelessness or accidents. But, how often do we crash our heart and cause our minds whip-lash? It takes time and dedicated healers to restore injuries from car-wrecks and heart-wrecks. Today we are going to focus on heart-wrecks.

A heart wreck is when you allow something or someone other than God to possess you—to be the central focus of your life.  You see, God has a plan and path for our lives but often times through hubris we take detours and attempt short-cuts.

Assume that we allow someone or something to drive us around. We give up control to another flawed, broken, afraid human being and hand him or her the keys. Where do you think that will takes us? Down the road of being flawed, broken, and afraid. But, what if your heart—your engine—was fueled by more than connection with another human? What life could you live then?

Our hearts are like the engine of the vehicle that is our bodies and our brains are the transmission. We need both to work before there is movement. God is what fuels the heart. The relationship to our Higher-power or creator is the healing connection called salvation. People will come and go out of your life and you have no control over it. Physical death and the death of relationships have broken us all. We are all hurt, in pain, and hoping for salvation.

I’ve made the mistake of wishing that a man would rescue me. I have wished that I could go back to being a child whose parents managed the responsibilities of life. My heart has shut off and therefore cut off fuel to my body. Without fuel the transmission/mind cannot shift gears. It remains frozen.

Pain, sorrow, regret, fear, anger, jealousy, malice, revenge, and the lot cut us off from our source of fuel. We are crippled like an abandon car on the side of the road. All the other cars pass it by and eventually it gets towed and demolished. But, there is hope of restoration.

The 12 steps of CoDA and of Breakup Rehab restore our connection with our higher-power and put us back in the driver seat. We understand our well-being is the top priority and swiftly exit relationships that do not support us in our goals. The top priority in restoration is surrendering our lives to God or our Higher-Power.

Without this relationship all roads lead to a dead end. We can feel temporary happiness but joy everlasting comes from our relationship with God and surrendering to his guidance for our lives. We drive the path that has been paved just for us.

So, on this day, no matter what you are struggling with or where you are at in your breakup journey, know that there is a force bigger than you that cares for you and our well-being. God will bring you joy that you can never achieve when someone else is in the driver seat.

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