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The Spells + Essential Oils course lasts six weeks. We connect over the phone 1 hour per week to address the issues of anger, grief, confusion, stress and hurt that impacts our mental health and physical well-being. This program exists for anyone in a life-transition, such as a breakup, career change, or spiritual awakening, that wants to get relief right away and chart a healthy course moving forward. On rare occasions I offer in-person energy clearing sessions in the Boulder, Denver, and Los Angeles areas. Spells + Essential Oils can be customized to your needs.  The cost of the Premium Young Living Oil Kit is factored into the price of the Spells + Essential Oils Course.

Essential Oils

What can essential oils do for you? Well, you are feeling stuck. So, chances are you aren’t sleeping well, you can’t eat or are just eating crap, and you cycle through depression and anxiety like shoe in a dryer. Oils will handle all of that and more. The young living kit comes with ten oils that do everything from help to balance digestion to ease anxiety and depression so that you can function again. You can just buy a kit to use as a DIY tool. And a Kit is required if you are going to enroll in Spells + Essential Oils course where we will go over how to use the oils and address the health issues that come with the stress of transition.

The oils in the kit and how to use them after a breakup or in a tough transition.

Copaiba: Think of your ex; actually stop thinking about them. Good luck, right. Sooth the irritation and speed the healing process by applying this oil anytime your ex is getting under your skin. Copaiba allows us to see our emotional wounds and offers assistance with emotional clearing while providing spiritual protection. For those who combat stress at work or home, copaiba offers security and grounding. It assists us with staying in the moment rather than projecting backwards or forward.

Stress Away: Breakups register as the second most stressful thing we will have to go through in our lives. So, no biggie, you are find right? Even if you don’t feel it, the stress of change is on you. Lift that weight off your shoulders and apply this oil liberally or until you chill the F out.

Panaway: Ouch! Your poor heart hurts and your body aches. Shake it off by rubbing this oil on your temples. This oil is said to clear negative emotions and energies. It is particularly uplifting when the body and mind are in an exhaustive state that will eventually lead to burnout. It also may help those who are afraid of their own emotions or simply fear expressing them.

Theives: Love takes our breath away and so do the words, “This isn’t working; we need to breakup.” Catch your breath and feel at peace knowing you dodged a bullet by applying this oil any time you start to sink into the abys.

Digeze: Although whiskey and ice-cream seem like the perfect breakup remedy, they are not. Gut check time. Use this oil to fuel that fire in your gut and spark your soul to start over stronger.

R.C.: If you feel rode hard and put away wet, this is the oil for you. Those who feel depleted and are holding deep sadness and grief in the heart and lungs can see relief with this oil.

Purification: Time to say good bye and cut the cords. Get rid of negative juju by diffusing this oil in your home. This is a fantastic oil for when we need support in seeing our patterning as it relates to abandonment, rejection, or the fear of being alone. It also can calm anger and conflict and bring back purity of thought and restore order. It opens the sacral chakra.

Lemon: If it turns out your relationship was a lemon the good news is the oil will lift you up instead of drag you down. Because it is cleansing to the mind and spirit, it will release patterning and open the heart centers. The result is joy and hopefulness with clear thought.

Frankincense: Get out of your own way and give you ego a break. You can’t experience better until you are better. Frankincense oil has been used to awaken our spiritual awareness and connect with spirit for 5000 years or more. It will help us release parts of our ego which hold us back from connecting with our soul, as well as feelings of unworthiness and insecurity.

Lavender: We all feel stuck after a relationship and unable to truly move forward without looking back—through Facebook. Stop the self-destructive cycle and use this oil to ease your mind, body, and spirit. Lavender creates greater intuition and clarity.

But wait! There is more. If you purchase the premium starter kit and feelings kit at the same time I will gift you a free 90 minute session complete with psychic insights.

Feelings Kit

Harmony: Harmony essential oil will help those who like they are being ignored or crushed in their life. It can also release hostility, fear of being punished or the habit of beating one self up. Most of these emotions stem from the lack of love or compassion for self. Harmony will help restore hope empathy and faith in self once again by balancing the emotional body.

Forgiveness: Forgiveness essential oil will help you release the negative emotions of betrayal, distrust and revenge. It will help you move from self denial so you can forgive, forget and let go of the patterning of the past.

Inner Child: Inner Child Essential Oil is a very soothing blend and smells wonderful! It was specifically designed for us to reconnect with our inner child or our inner self that is at the core of who we are.

Present Time: Present Time Essential Oil is a fantastic blend of oils that brings you completely in the moment. This is a perfect blend for those who are always consumed by thoughts of the past or the future.

Release: Release Essential Oil is a very effective blend for releasing negative memories that are stored on a cellular level. This oil is also very useful in releasing anger and other negative emotions.

Valor II: This oil allows us have the courage and self-esteem to allow us to overcome those things that are holding us back. Remember, when we are stressed or worried we are creating imbalance in our bodies on all levels.

*Kits are subject to change the oil combinations included in them. It’s recommend to begin with a premium kit and you can add on the Freedom kit and Feelings kit during your purchase if you like.



HOW TO GET YOUR KIT: First, select your premium kit. You will be taken to the Young Living site where you can enter your information and select any additional products that catch your eye. I recommend adding the Feelings Kit or the Freedom Sleep kit if they are in stock. After your kit arrives, you can book a 90 minute session and I will teach you how to use your oils.

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Rebekah and I led groups together at the Boulder Veterans Center. I was able to witness how she interacted with clients: she is perceptive, caring, and an insightful therapist who is good at helping people through difficult periods of time in their lives.

-Collette A. MSW