Rebekah is an emotionally competent, trustworthy, a visionary, and witty. -Jocelyn, Child Therapist

Breakup Rehab

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things and only the wise can see them. ~Paulo Coelho

There are many reasons we get addicted to toxic relationships. And there is one solution to connect to love. That is to surrender to God or a higher power as you see it. Together we will restore your faith and trust in the abundance and favor God has for you.

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Spells + Essential Oils

It’s hard but you have to tell yourself, “It’s possible.” ~Les Brown

Did you know that emotions get trapped in your tissues and cause disease? We hold grief in our lungs, yearning in our heart, fear in our kidneys and anger in our liver. I offer a comprehensive review how to be free of the stress that comes with going through a breakup and the steps needed to restore the body’s vitality.

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Spiritual Direction

Be curious, not judgmental. ~Walt Whitman

Mother F’n lying cunt dirt-back Son of a Bitch! Why does this hurt so f’n bad? At end of the road is also the open door that’s waiting for you to walk through it. I will make it easy to feel your feelings so that you can begin to make life-changing choices and forgive yourself for ever “messing up”.

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Breakup Rehab


Breakup Rehab not only helps to heal a broken heart but it also repairs hurting marriages & partnerships. Clients who committed to this program left toxic relationships and found healthy relationships. Some revived their partnership after it was all but dead. Each client found his/her truth and how to live it fearlessly. The investment for the program begins at $10,000 for 6 months of care. Custom programs are available and we will create your path forward together in your free initial consultation.

Spiritual Direction


Sometimes we need clarity right away. As a medical medium and intuitive, I help empower my clients to make choices in alignment with their values. In our session we quickly arrive at the what decisions will make the most impact and create desired outcomes. This has nothing to do with past lives, twin flames, or soul contracts. My readings have everything to do with how to intelligently navigate the here and now. Readings begin at $250/hour. Custom healing can be created and I will answer any questions you have when you book your initial consultation.

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Health + Wellness


The Spells + Essential Oils Course lasts six weeks. We connect over the phone 1 hour per week to address the issues of stress, grief, confusion, stress and hurt that impacts our mental health and physical well-being. This program exists for anyone in a life-transition, such as a breakup, career change, or spiritual awakening, that wants to get relief right away and chart a healthy course moving forward. On rare occasions I offer in-person energy clearing sessions in the Boulder, Denver, and Los Angeles areas. Spells + Essential Oils can be customized to your needs. I respect you and your time. Even if you don’t work with me, I will make sure you get connected to the care you need. The cost of the Premium Young Living Oil Kit is factored into the price.

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Bag Freedom


Carry your books, oils, and journal with you in this bag that says it all: