Rebuild Trust

It's something we don't talk enough about.

I’ve been in a very dark place after a breakup. I’d hate the morning, but be restless at night. I felt like a loser who couldn’t ever find love. And then I discovered the 12 Steps that guided my recovery. No, not the 12 steps of AA. The 12 steps of Breakup Rehab: Creating the love you want. I’ve been there. I get it. And I wrote this book to shine a bright light in the darkness we all feel after our hearts are broken.

Who is Breakup Rehab for?

  1. Newly Divorced.
  2. Broken up but not over it.
  3. Stuck in the question “Should I stay or should I go?”
  4. In love with a narcissist or someone with a mood disorder.
  5. Working to heal codependent addictions.
  6. Choosing to know how to have a healthy partnership


What is Breakup Rehab? 

Issues like depression, anxiety, mood disorders or personality disorders can result in toxic relationships. Breakup Rehab is not only a book, it is a 6 month guided training where we work together to heal childhood wounds, address current addictions, and break cycles of abuse. The training is hybrid of art therapy, talk therapy, spiritual healing, and tough love. The 12 steps of Breakup Rehab gently guide us through the darkness into the light. Listen, breakups suck. Even if you are leaving an abusive person, it can still ache with the longing for what you wanted it to be. I know, I’ve been there. The structure of each Breakup Rehab program is tailored to you and your needs. Although the principals of trust, forgiveness, and love are universal, your story is unique to you and I treat it as such.

I have known and trusted Rebekah for many years. She is a naturally gifted and intuitive friend and healer. As a counselor, she is deeply compassionate and resourceful. Over the years her guidance has taught me to recognize my behaviors that lead to destructive results. She is able to offer a healing perspective on any issue the I bring to her. When my life seems out of control, she is always the person to bring me back into focus. Her amazing ability to balance humor and healing creates an instant connection. - Sherri, Yoga Instructor


How do we heal the pain? 

Then there is the trap of being single for too long. Growth stops. But the ache continues. So, we reach for things to fill the void: Our phone, alcohol, hookups, religion, drugs, and even plant medicine or shamans. The emptiness can be temporarily soothed. We are looking for something to depend on; something reliable. And what we use to treat the pain will turn into a crutch if it is used to avoid the message in the pain.

The addictions we have are approximations of the healing and the healthy partnership we are capable of cultivating. The simple truth is that we are lazy. We want access to results without the work. We want to skip steps.

Grief demands our energy. It’s there when we wake and it’s there as we desperately claw after not just sleep but rest. Resentment reinforces the narratives of injustice of who was the victim and who was the villain.

We think we can bypass these dark feelings with light-work.

But, they linger in the cells of our bodies and become mental, emotional, and physical disease. 

Domestic violence, rape, social media slander, and character assassination are all articulations of subconscious frustrated emotions such as anger, shame, or guilt. These feelings get their hooks into our identity. Then the outer world begins to reflect the inner. But, nothing new can be experienced through the lens of denial. We can’t see beyond our fears so we project them on others and hope to be rescued. We must face our fears head on. It takes bravery and a powerful guide. 


I have known Rebekah for several years. Over the time I have known her and interacted with her she has proven to be one of the most charismatic, determined, and realest people I know. ~ Matthew H., Massage Therapist & Healer

Find Out if Breakup Rehab is Right for You

Please fill out this short application and you will hear back from me in 72 hours.


12 Steps of Breakup Rehab

  1. Let Go & Forgive
  2. Trust Your Authentic Self
  3. Make Wise Decisions
  4. Face Your Fears with Love
  5. Live Your Purpose
  6. Examine Your Judgments, Respond with Compassion
  7. Practice Humility and Gratitude
  8. Overcome Pride and Grow Forward
  9. Recognize the Strength in Your Vulnerability
  10. Maintain Your Integrity
  11. Own Your Power to Love
  12. Create the love you want


Your application will be reviewed and a invitation for a consultation will be offered upon approval. Thank you for taking time to reach out. We aren’t always ready to take action right away and investing a large sum of money into a treatment program can be scary. I’ve spent six figures on my education and building my business so that the lonely could have a place to come home to and a community to join. Even if you don’t work with me, you are a welcome to be a part of this family. And I have some options for you to get to know me before diving into a six month commitment. 

I encourage you to purchase Breakup Rehab now and get familiar with it’s 12 step process. And you can begin listing to my podcast right away at: 

No matter what you choose, I’ll make sure to point you in the right direction.

(By the way, if you go refer a friend and they enroll in Breakup Rehab, you get a free 90minute session!)