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What is your Breakup costing you?

Breakups have a direct effect on our health. People actually die of a broken heart. The change in routines impact our nutrition, our activity, and ability to cope with everyday stress. In this moment, I’m aware of how challenging it is to articulate the suffering that happens before a breakup even takes place.

In other words, dating sucks. Granted you can learn about yourself with every trial run. However, the deep ache for partnership can feel illusive. We can feel like something is wrong with us. We can become bitter and jaded. We can develop unconscious behaviors that sabotage our efforts to be a good partner let alone keep the company of a good partner. We take distrust into our new relationships and like a New Year’s Eve Resolution, we hope, “This will be the time things change.”

Maybe we end up dating for a few months only to realize that we spent more time trying to make the person conform to an ideal rather than accepting who they really are. Maybe we cohabitate as a couple for years and deal with addiction issues, abuse, or even neglect because it feels familiar. Maybe we get married because vows make us feel secure in the relationship but our deeper insecurities can’t be soothed by a legal ceremony. In each case, we spend precious time and energy trying to have a desired experience.

And for a lot of us, we get glimmers of what it’s like to be loved and to give love. We feel connected, until one day, the connection is gone. No one in the relationship is getting his or her needs met in a meaningful way. In fact, the joy of companionship has devolved into confrontation, blame, and belittling. It’s shitty.

Walling Off

Then there is the trap of being single for too long. Growth stops. But the ache continues. So, we reach for things to fill the void: Our phone, alcohol, hookups, religion, drugs, and even plant medicine or shamans. The emptiness can be temporarily soothed. We are looking for something to depend on; something reliable. And what we use to treat the pain will turn into a crutch if it is used to avoid the message in the pain.

The addictions we have are approximations of the healing and the healthy partnership we are capable of cultivating. The simple truth is that we are lazy. We want access to results without the work. We want to skip steps.

Grief demands our energy. It’s there when we wake and it’s there as we desperately claw after not just sleep but rest. Resentment reinforces the narratives of injustice of who was the victim and who was the villain.

We think we can bypass these dark feelings with light-work.

But, they linger in the cells of our bodies and become mental, emotional, and physical disease. At the deepest level, our souls become corrupt and our behaviors violent.

Domestic violence, rape, social media slander, and character assassination are all articulations of subconscious frustrated emotions such as anger, shame, or guilt. These feelings get their hooks into our identity. Then the outer world begins to reflect the inner. But, nothing new can be experienced through the lens of denial. We can’t see beyond our fears so we project them on others and hope to be rescued.

Nothing left to lose. Everything to gain. 

Breakup Rehab is not founded in rescue efforts. It’s not some hippy-dippy drug induced trip into an expanded awareness. And, here is the important part, even if you have been through a breakup, even if you are hurting, even if you desperately want to find your life-partner, even if you feel slighted by God, even if you wish things were different than they are does not mean you are ready for the level of commitment this program requires.

Rebekah is a qualified and expert healer. Working with her is a once in a lifetime experience. But, that’s not the issue at this moment.

If you can’t answer these questions you are not ready to enter the Breakup Rehab Treatment Program and

Rebekah will be happy to refer you to another coach.


  • What makes you feel that you are ready for Breakup Rehab?
  • Why is this moment different than from all the other moments you promised yourself you would change?
  • What vision do you hold for yourself and your relationship?


Payment for Breakup Rehab will be discussed during your consultation with Rebekah. 

The treatment program will be customized to your needs and can vary from a one-day intensive to a year-long engagement with Rebekah.

For consideration to be accepted into the Breakup Rehab program please fill out the application below.



Your application will be reviewed and a invitation for a consultation will be offered upon approval. Thank you for taking time to reach out. If it’s determined you are not a good fit for the program other options are available such as purchasing the book Breakup Rehab, listening to Rebekah’s podcast, or signing up for a one day intensive with Rebekah. 

We wish you all the best in your journey to recovery and look forward to being of service to those who are ready for more. 


What to expect after being accepted to



Our lives are created from the words we speak. There are a lot of “stories” running your life right now that have nothing to do with who you are. Step 1 of BREAKUP REHAB is to forgive and let go. We will do this by creating “spells” for your exact situation and train you how to use your WORD to shift your relationships. What you say matters.


Within the first session we will address the root cause of your breakup and examine the systems in your life that are keeping you trapped, falsely secure, and disassociated.


We all have addictions and addictive behavior. Some of us get into abusive relationships and believe “This is the best I can do.” These relationships are fueled by shame and guilt. Neither person is flourishing and every event, conversation, or sexual encounter is a landmine. No one feels safe, held, or free in this kind of union. We will break the addictions that keep guilt and shame in place.


Expect insight you won’t get in “normal therapy” because Rebekah is a holistic healer. She has facilitated conversations with dead loved ones, can read energy systems to bring the body-mind into balance, and can often report about the core wounds that keep you hooked in dysfunctional relationships.


Expect to learn how to have a healthy relationship and how to set functional boundaries.


You will be working with Rebekah who not only has a clinical psychology background but brings an education in neuropsychology, health and wellness, and spiritual traditions to the table. BREAKUP REHAB is a safe space of non-judgement where you will find how to be your most expressed self so that you can have the relationship you truly desire.


Expect to experience FREEDOM.