Fall is Here and It’s Breakup Season

Fall is Here and It’s Breakup Season

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Relationships have seasons. Some of them take several years to bear fruit. Others grow like a weed. While others fall apart in the time of year known as Breakup Season.

September not only ushers in the return of children to school and young minds to University, but it also marks a little known time of year known as Breakup Season.

Is this an official season? No. However, after seven years as a breakup counselor, I’ve witnessed a surge in my sessions around September with a peak in January. 

Some people laugh when I refer to the holidays as Breakup Season. It’s odd to think that there is a time of year where relationships are more prone to dissolution. However, relationships don’t exist in a vacuum. They are subject to external and internal pressures. 

To be clear, a relationship is an energy or entity that is formed when two people merge their lives, hearts, minds, feelings, money, time, and bodies. A relationship is it’s own thing, with its own personality and characteristics inherited from the people forming it. 

Some relationships begin in the fall, during breakup season, and as such have the buffer of romance to protect against annual traditions. That being said, a lot of people find themselves in a three month cycle where they had a date to do things with from October to January but before the New Year, the sex wasn’t enough to hold the bond together and they get dumped then finding themselves in a series of three to six months affairs for the next few years. According to Urban Dictionary, this is called “Churning.” 

Then there are those relationships that extend about a decade or more past their expiration date. These are the people that stay together for the kids or some sort of unspoken obligation. Sometimes, to survive financially, both people tolerate one another and end up preserving a decaying union. I have members of my family that have wanted to leave each other several times throughout the years of their marriage but disease and other burdens kept them in their status quo. 


Can people break up at any point in the year? Of course. However, the erosion of the relationship seems to be most apparent after Halloween has passed. This is a time where we focus on families coming together and “giving thanks”. But, in reality, the holidays suck. They are stressful and driven by greed and consumption. 

The natural cycle of putting on winter fat is exaggerated by the excess ingestion of sweets and massive meals. Loneliness has a sort of death grip in the shorter days and darker nights. We feel our mortality in the cold of winter. Things in nature slow to a near halt. Conversely, society speeds up to a fever pitch in complete contrast to what would normally be a time of rest and reflection. We can literally feel our discontent being masked by the distraction of religious appropriation of Celtic and pagan traditions–otherwise known as: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. 

This is the time of year where we are supposed to celebrate multiple harvests beginning in August and ending on October 31st. However, during Breakup Season, what each person feels in the relationship is unbridled discontent and a sense that justice must be served in the new year. This is also the time of year where addictions can spiral out of control because excess is a part of our western perspective on how to celebrate the holidays. So, we drink more, smoke more, eat more, seek more entertainment, and lose our connection to what matters most. 

It has been shown in the 75 year Harvard Longitudinal Study that consumption of alcohol is the number one predictor of an unhappy marriage and a major contributor to divorce and separations. The booze flows freely as soon as the holiday parties begin. And while we want to get together with people we enjoy, that enjoyment can often be mute depending on what is happening for us internally during Breakup Season. 

Relationship Cycles

So, now assess where you are in your relationship cycle. To elucidate where the cycle begins is in being single. Some people do well in this phase because they have a disposition and survival strategies that allow them to feel comfortable being independent. These folks are known as lone wolves. However, very few of us who are not psychopaths stay in this phase our whole lives. In fact, even psychopath narcissists don’t’ stay in this phase their whole lives. I know because I’ve dated them. 

The drive to belong to something often registers as desire and lust that motivates us to share our bodies with a stranger. Some enter courtship by hooking up. Others prioritize intimacy and take time to be friends first. Regardless, the next part of the relationship cycle is dating. I’ve been guilty of playing “wifey” in as soon as someone paid attention to me and have totally skipped over the step of applying discernment to the person who was about to take up space in my life. 

I share this to say, there are nuanced moments within each relationship cycle that are subtle. Being discerning is one of those moments. Another is going at a moderate pace where neither person is rushing to define the relationship but rather allowing the relationship to be defined by how it progresses and matures. This takes time. 

The dynamics of a relationship begin to show up as demonstrations of affection, caring, and communication when a relationship is healthy. However, if it is a sick, the relationship will be filled with drama, love-bombing, codependency, bread-crumbing, and lies. Without professional help sick relationships don’t get better and often destroy the people involved in them. 

The final turn in any relationship cycle is commitment. It is something that will be revisited through all seasons, through aging, and through the metamorphosis of each person within the relationship. 

The four horsemen of the apocalypse that show up during Breakup Season are distraction/neglect, avoidance/deceit, betrayal/apathy, and abandonment/grief. They effect every turn of the relationship cycle. They dominate Breakup Season. 

So, by the time January roles around last year’s taxes have been filed. The man in the relationship has moved into his tiny bitterness-filled bachelor pad, the wife keeps the home, and assets are being prepared to be divided. Divorce papers will be served in the spring and a new cycle will begin. 

Breakup Season then gives way to the journey of grief and rebirth. 

If all of this sounds daunting to you, it is. No one should go into this season blind. That is why I’m writing this article. I’m bringing awareness to how programmed we all are and how out of touch with nature and ourselves we can become. 

Rituals to Survive Breakup Season

As a practicing counselor and Medicine Witch, I’ve found great solace in the shifting of the seasons. Pagan tradition reminds us to pay attention to the subtleties that go along with life. And while many people would never imagine that creating an altar with candles and pictures of loved ones, taking salt baths, burning incense, praying, and honoring what was, is and will be could be the antidote to a season that tears couples and families apart, those small rituals can have a major impact. Some may even bristle at the thought of engaging in witchcraft as a way to heal strengthen their relationship. To this I say, if you research Wicca tradition you will see how similar it is to the widely practiced self-help and self-development movement. 

I bet you didn’t think and article about Breakup Season was also going to point you in the direction of rituals that celebrate nature and our inner god and goddess. I was raised Christian so I practice in a way that makes sense to me. The ceremonies within pagan culture mesh with the structure of my religious background. I share all of this to say, that we have a choice in how to enter into, endure, and thrive through Breakup Season. 

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It’s Ugly On the Way to Living Our Best Life

It’s Ugly On the Way to Living Our Best Life

It’s often ugly, frustrating, and devastating on the way to living our best life.

During the last decade, I’ve had to make some difficult decisions that were just mistakes in the making. Arriving to 39 and ½ years old with no Real Estate investment, no husband, a business few people know about, and a serious lack of connection sucks. It doesn’t just suck for me. It sucks because every new person I meet who I tell, “I’m a Breakup Specialist and a Medical Medium” says to me, “Where were you months ago when I needed your services?

Let me use this article to answer that question. I’ve been in gridlock. I’ve been in the Bardo between the life I think I’d like to live and the one I’m in. I feel two faced.

I’ll use my the last guy I dated as an example. He is brilliant at writing. He is a charismatic speaker. He is highly intelligent and motivating. He knows how to pattern words to create a powerful impact. And he was dangerous. The person he was able to present to the world helped so many people. He was clever, insightful, and provided a space for a person to reveal their true nature. He even presented as self-reflective. And all of those attributes often contributed to creating positive outcomes.

But, when shit really hit the fan between us, none of who he was to the world was expressed in how he dealt with our relationship. His very best when he was at his very worst was controlling, manipulative, demeaning, degrading, and cruel. We all have different sides to who we are. Some of them are more pathological than others. It is difficult to reconcile and for some of us, it’s impossible.

So the truth of my story is that I’ve been attempting to get my social image to match up with how I really am behind the scenes. At the moment of writing this article I had $7000 in credit card debt, I was living on one egg and piece of toast a day, but I kept up my $2.50 cent cup of exceptional coffee habit. I was so worried about money, I stopped working out. In fact, massive parts of my life went into paralysis. I tried to solve my money woes earlier in the year buy gathering a “team” of people that could help my business grow. But, what happened is that I hired a marketing company that was bad at communication and ended up having to quit the campaign before it could ever get off the ground, consequently making my money situation worse not better.

Where have I been?

I’ve been extremely mad at myself for spending the whole of my 30’s dating one bad man after the next. One boy after the next. One Cluster B Personality Disorder after the next. And one spiritual predator after the next.

In 2016 I had 5 different hookups with 5 different men that were all mentally ill. One had major substance abuse issues, one was cheating on his girlfriend with me (I found out after the fact), one was a sex addict, one was hooked on ayahuasca ceremonies, and the last one was a “flat-earth” idiot.

It’s now 2019 and I’m no better off. I stopped “hooking” up with randos but I got messed up by the last guy who wasn’t over his ex, kept her in the picture while telling me he loved me, and as things began to crumble showed some frightening narcissistic characteristics.

Every year of my 30’s has been marked with a major trial. I’ve been through multiple breakups, been fired twice, have moved 5 times, lived in a van for one month (on purpose), lost friends, went through major health scares, and almost ran out of money multiple times.

What’s wrong with her?

Trust me, I’ve asked myself the question you are thinking, “What’s wrong with this woman?” Doesn’t someone with a Masters in Counseling know better? Especially someone who has a business that is focused on helping people go through a breakup? There is plenty wrong with me when it comes to living the American Dream. Simply, I”m not living it.

I’ve gone a different route. I want to make something perfectly clear, the only thing that has pulled me from the depths of hell and out of this chaos has been my education and creative soul. So, I understand how my ex can be such an effective force for good in other people’s life but be totally destructive in his own. As the saying goes, “The cobbler’s kids have no shoes.”

Giving advice is easy. I don’t have to implement the advice or information I give to my clients. They have to run in through their own process of trial and error.

It takes a massive amount of energy, clear intention, and focus to run our own lives. And we all do it by looking to the fools around us for guidance. For instance, Tony Robbins is credited with changing millions of lives but just recently was accused of harassment and berating rape victims. Simply, no man is a Deity.

This beckons the question, “So, what is a good life? What is necessary to feel good about our lives? Why is life even worth living?

A Lot of people just give up.

Some kill themselves. Some turn to an addiction to numb the pain. Some are fame-whores. Some are life-coaches. We are trying to cope, innovate, do better, and rinse and repeat. We all want to live our best life. 

I can’t count my failures or successes because I’m not at the end of my life. I’m in the middle of some twisted plot line that has involved the death of my parents, getting a Masters, having great sex with bad guys, blowing money, traveling like a gypsy, and feeling totally clueless.

We are not supposed to admit these things.

I’ll go one further. When my parents died and my grandma died I got a sum total of about 300K. I spent all of that money and didn’t invest one lick of it in Real Estate, stocks, or commodities. I didn’t focus on growing that money because I wanted to die. I figured I’d use it until the party was over and then I would be over. I wasn’t invested in life. In fact, looking back, I wanted to be an entertainer who was on tour 10 months out of the year. But, that seemed like even more of a long -shot than just being a Breakup Coach in a saturated market. So, I just keep doing more of the same thing–almost trying to get out of my comfort zone.

Some days trying to be a good person sounds like, “Well at least I’m not a drug mule.” And then I’m like, well, the person who is running drugs is at least making $2000 a drop and all the people addicted to crack are employing the people in the billion-dollar drug rehab industry. And that industry inspired the book I wrote. Then I fall down an existential rabbit hole of despair. My mind swirls with thoughts like:

I could care less about humanity because everyone sucks and no one is actually kind. People have kids who don’t want them. Dads leave. Even worse dads rape their sons, beat them, and bring them up to be dangerous men. Then I end up dating those wounded men. I think, “Being a good person is stupid.” Be selfish. No one is going to remember you anyway 50 years from now. A basic life will not be recorded in the halls of history.

After that sojourn into the darkness I reach for my self-development books. I listen to Abraham Hicks. I pull tarot cards. I attempt to learn how to be a digital marketer so that I can actually reach “my audience.” I’m one woman playing 100 different roles. But the really important roles of wife and mother aren’t something I’ve been cast for at this time. 

So, where have I been?

I’ve been screaming into the void. I’ve been fighting the good fight–mostly against myself. I’ve been wrecked by lust and fantasy. I’ve been hiding out in a basement. I’ve been curating a bigger dream. I’ve been sick of hearing people tell me what to do to grow my business because I can’t tell the difference between the liars and the true teachers.

Being a counselor is something that I do to make a living and to live my life. And sometimes it feels like a lie. It feels like the qualifications it takes to directly influence someone else come with a Code of Ethics I won’t ever be able to live up to.

Part of me wants to put a marketing spin on this article with some sort of resurrection flair to it. I’m not going to do that. I just want you, dear reader, to know that you are not alone in this big, intimidating, and frantic world. 

So to answer the question I get asked the most, “Where were you those times I needed you?” I’ll give you the answer that I hope you will tell yourself the next time you feel like you are failing, “I’ve been living.” 


Truth as a Movement

Truth as a Movement

Can we tell the truth?

Screaming into the Abyss

What hope is there for humanity? We gather together at festivals, turn up the music loud, take pictures of everything, but get lost in the crowd. We eek out a days work, make that paper, only to ask ourselves, “Does this really matter?” Marriages fall apart into another’s arms and we all keep inventing a new normal. I don’t have an answer as a counselor. The best, and I mean the very best, I can do is listen.


A lot of us are going into the business of “encouragement”. The field of coaching is amorphous in it’s directive. People who live in studio apartments are giving business advice to high-level executives and peppering it with pop psychology. Other’s are pulling tarot cards, speaking to angels, and clearing energy blockages. Most are situationally relevant. 

I personally live in a basement in home in Boulder, Colorado (cliche as that is). I spend my time reading books about the meaning of life and figuring out if the last guy I dated will be anything more than a lesson. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of being fucked over. Then layer some twisted spiritual idea of “We are the ones who always fuck ourselves over with the choices we make” to the feeling of being fucked over and it results in anxiety coupled with escapism.

In this space I dig deeper into topics like narcissism, emotional intelligence, and Toyota Tacoma trucks. I tend to numb out through intellectual pursuits. I’ve also been avoiding the gym. I get locked in this loop of “Well I need to be doing things to make me money and going to the gym will take away from that.” That’s stupid. If I’m not healthy and strong, then the things I do to make money won’t matter or even be possible.

I’m ranting.

The point I’m making dear reader, is that we are all making this up as we go along. I admire people who stay on the classic track of getting good grades, going to a Ivy league school, and choosing high-level professions like being a doctor, lawyer, or studio executive. Granted, we all have to work our way up the ranks. But, you know, some coaches don’t have to work up the ranks. We have created a culture of influencers. People who know how to dance with the algorithms, make shit go viral, and pump out something with a cultural hook don’t have to be vetted. We pay them with our attention.

I’m going to say that again. We have created industries out of other people telling us how to find our purpose, how to be happy, what to buy, and how to think. In some sense we can be divided into two factions: Leaders and followers. I’m going to let you in on the secret between the two–the quality of relationships we have. To be a leader, it requires having at a team of people who buy into your leadership. People who want to give their energy to your “cause” is what makes your cause valuable and attention worthy.

I’m sharing this so you think about how you are spending your energy. Don’t you want to be a part of a movement? Don’t’ you want to give your time to something that matters? I can’t think of a more potent movement than the TRUTH. The truth always heals. Truth sets us free. Truth provides us access to not only power but to the magnetic energy of love.

I’ve noticed a lot of people are freaked out by the truth. Shame shuts us up and guilt shuts us down. So, boys who were raped by a person of authority don’t report it. Rather, they cope by becoming narcissistic. Girls who were programmed to be property for men get stuck in apathy and often spend their life being used or being manipulative. The TRUTH cleans all of this up. The man who experienced perversion as a child can grow up and say, “I experienced incest but I now claim my body as my own.” He can feel his feelings which allows him to be a safe man rather than a defended narcissist that perpetuates violence on others. When truth is the cause, the girl who was trained to be property grows into the woman who gives voice to empowerment movements. We can partner with one another in a deeper and more meaningful way with truth between us.

So, this is what, dear reader, I am inviting you to. Join me in speaking the truth. Learn how to dive deep into your psychology and expose the lies that have been resulting in the violence, lack, and fear in your life. Take a moment to ponder the value of truth. How much does it matter to you? Are you willing to give your life for the truth? Are you willing to cultivate the bravery it takes to shine a light on shame? The truth isn’t sexy. It’s not always going to make you more money. It can plunge you into survival mentality for a short period of time as you begin to master the skills needed to stay rooted in the truth. Nonetheless, it is the source of life and being able to live a good life.

People who cannot feel, the sociopaths, narcissists, psychopaths of this world, are often truth averse. They help breed corruption and despair in this world destroying everything and everyone in their path. You have the chance to be a champion. We need more people who are rooted in truth to take up the cause of cleaning up the darkness.

Sure, there are the “light-workers”, but that’s just part of it. I want the fearless to join me in naming what is being done behind closed doors and liberate the world we occupy with truth. Will you occupy truth with me?

If you said, “YES!” book a session with me now.

Can A Narcissist Change?

Can A Narcissist Change?

Can A Narcissist Change?

I’m sitting here in my basement on one of the last cold days of spring here in Colorado and all I can think about is how I miss sex with HIM who turned out to be a narcissist. Sure, I have other things to do like learn marketing, be pitched to by yet another 6-figure coach, and figure out how to change my station in life to match my intelligence. But, I can’t get our time together out of my mind.

It started in a conference room in Arizona at something called “The Event”. After three days of being blasted by club music and being inculcated with information on how to go from nothing to millions, I had enough. When I get fed up, the comic in me takes over. So, once the event had ended I was talking to people who had also attended it and said, “Did you notice they actually put Kool-aid in the back of the room, everyone started to dress the same, and we all were pitched a big-buy-in program?” That’s when he walked up.

We had somehow connected through my Facebook Messenger app earlier in the day and I asked if he wanted to meet me. He said, “Sure.” And I text back, “Look for the girl in the black hat.” Sure enough, he found me.

The first thing he said was, “Wow you are really animated.” I forget what I said back. But he responded with “We should hang out sometime.” Days before I met him I had this odd pull to want to go to Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. So, I said, “Totally, we should go to Griffith Observatory together.” He shot back, “That is one of my favorite places.” The sparks flew.

I went back home to Colorado and he went back to California. We chatted back and forth over messenger for a few days.

Then he said something to me that shifted everything. “I have something crazy to ask. Let me love you in a way that feels good to you.” I live in a magical world so I didn’t question his request. I went along with it. (Love bombing).

Before I go into what happened in the early honeymoon period, I want to say that on the 7th month of knowing that he exists, those first three months together keep me missing him way beyond what any rational person should.

Simply put, I had the time of my life. It wasn’t opulent. However it was everything romantic movies are made of.

Two weeks after we started talking I booked a trip to San Diego so I could go to Mexico and get dentistry work done. Once I arrived and got that taken care of I stayed with a friend for a few days before he and I met up for the second time. He drove down from Los Angeles on a Friday to pick me up.

Without going into all the details, let me just say the physical connection was epic. I mean, we had been having phone sex for a bit, engaged in deep conversations, and laughed about nothing. But, when I was finally able to kiss him, it was magic. In fact, I had said, “We don’t have the container to have sex when I come to see you.” I felt something for him and was trying to set some boundaries to protect us.

So, on the drive from San Diego to his place, we played music to fill in the awkward gaps that happen when you are first meeting someone you hope will be your everything. We were both playing it pretty cool while holding hands and bantering back and forth.

Once we got to his place, we made plans to go to the Observatory. A lot of intimacy was shared in a very short 48 hour period. But, we didn’t have sex. He held that boundary, which made me fall in love with him more.

In another blog, I could write about all the romantic moments we had. But, in this blog, I want to say, that things went to shit after month 3. Things got exposed that launched us into a seven week fight. Then his ex got involved. Gaslighting behavior manifested and after our final conversation where he shared, “I’m going to a movie with my ex this weekend and then he took her to a place I introduced him to.” I had enough. It just hurt too much.

I want to share that I did put up a good fight. I referenced everything from The Course In Miracles to the pillars of relationship psychology. He just shut down more. So, a few days after our last phone interaction, I did what any writer might do. I put pen to paper, let out my feelings and sent him two different letters in the mail.

In the first letter I talked about how painful it was to witness him go from my lover to pure evil.

I included this poem in the letter:

Apathy is a warm gun.

Such is the course of nature:

It’s only a matter of time before your defenses turn on you. Apathy is a weapon that will destroy all that you hold dear. You are constructing a cage of despair.  And then the morning will come when you go to the mirror to shave your face & see all you resented in your father looking back to you.

It wasn’t my body you were after; it was the truth housed inside it. You are in the company of thieves & liars. The bankrupt souls seeking significance. Double down on all your spiritual actions…they are facile without truth.

Such is the course of nature.

You will die & be reborn. It’s inevitable. I’m on the horizon banging the drum of Freedom & courage. It’s my fire of aliveness that drew you in & terrified you. Pushed into the deepest ends. The joker is no companion.

Such is the course

She won’t love you but rather use you as an vehicle of escape & you will do the same, never feeling peace. TRUTH is brutal when it’s denied. But eventually you will realize it’s the only way.

So what did I impart?

The start of your destruction with apathy as your weapon. DIE this time.

And I’ll be on the horizon banging the drum of freedom & love.

I’ll meet you at the resurrection.  

I was trying to get to him in meaningful way.

Letters tend to take a long time to get from Boulder Colorado to Los Angeles–about ten days. And three days after I sent the letter going over how I hoped he could break the cycle of abuse, I sent a second letter outlining how I believed his behavior was due to a form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

As an aside, NPD is very rare in its fullest expression. However, with most personality disorders we can fall somewhere on the spectrum. And Empaths–the feelers–tend to get pulled in by and sympathize with narcissists.

Beyond my training as a counselor, I have also read at least twenty articles describing narcissism. It’s nasty. I know that when interacting with HIM, I started to feel crazy. He knew how to go after the structure of what I was saying in a way that diverted away from the content of what was being expressed. In some ways, there was merit in what was he was pointing out to me about getting out of my head and into my heart among other insights. However, when it came down to the simple ask of “Do you want to be in a spiritual partnership with me?” he returned with “I have no information for you on that.”

I still talked to him for two weeks after that. I even had a conversation with his ex, who was determined they were going to get back together (and they did). It was a dramatic mess that pulled me out of the life I was avoiding in Colorado.

I loved flying out to LA and escaping into the fantasy we constructed together.

Even as I write this I have to admit that knowing what I know now, it is still a battle to focus on my own life. I keep reading articles on the characteristics of an Empath. I am fascinated by what causes narcissism and if it can be healed. Let me just say addiction to this pattern takes time to recover from.

My motivation for learning these things has always been and will be two-fold. First, I need to get a foundation under me because, let’s be real, after being with an amazing lover who is also wicked intelligent, something like narcissism seems like a riddle to be solved so that I can have all the magic again. Second, I know that others are most likely going through a similar struggle and we heal by telling the truth.

I always joke that my work is field tested.

The real plot twist is that I learned more about myself in the short time we spent together than in any other short relationship I’ve had. Somehow, this time, this relationship pushed me deeper into truth. I invested hours in reading about every topic related to toxic relationships. I began meditating and taking salt baths. I kinda went to the gym. But, I mostly slept more, and made sure to take action on things only when I was focused. I had to force myself to be patient. However, it also f**ked up my ability to make money and stay on a healthy schedule. A lot time was spent casting clearing spells, reading tarot cards, and spending finances on counseling. I’m devoted to growth, so I grew from it but it was really hard forgiving myself for dating an abusive person. Especially since I am a counselor.

As much as I was hoping that the letters would inspire him to reach out to me and to re-create our magic together, as of today, they didn’t. What I asked for in the second letter is that he get a home ready for us in the fall so that I could move in with him and direct my efforts towards giving my gifts as a Psychic Medium and Breakup Specialist to the LA entertainment industry. It’s not logical.

It is like coming off a powerful drug.

I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, “You are a counselor, you should know better.” I’ll tell you what I do known, he wasn’t an accident. We did have magic together–albeit brief. Do I think being with a narcissist is okay? F**K NO IT’S NOT.

That disorder sucks the life of anyone who interacts with it. It’s like a evil demon succubus. However, as a counselor, I do know that people can change if they want to. (He didn’t. He just went back to his “old supply“).

One of the things I learned from being with him, besides earth-shaking art-making sex, is that people don’t like to be told what to do, who they are, or how to be. No one wants to be labeled as “sick” even if that is the first step in getting well.

So, can a narcissist change?

As it turns out, the answer is No. If you confront someone who displays narcissistic defenses and point out “Dude, I think you have some deep wounding and are using narcissism as a coping mechanism”, they will shoot back with, “I think you are are the narcissist and I hope you get help.” At least that’s what I experienced.

So here is the moral of the story:

It doesn’t matter how smart you are or even if you see the red flags. Narcissism is an STD (spiritually transmitted disease). The energy of shame is toxic to everyone who gets involved with it. Further, the behaviors used to defend against shame tend to perpetuate it in others. Caring for a “Narcy” is like pouring water into a bathtub with no plug. It can never be filled even when you pour more faster (again, from experience).

The aftermath of loving someone locked in a shame loop and defended against it is that we then feel embarrassed. “How could I have been so blind?” Let me put this in first person. I chose to participate in the love bombing phase because it felt good but I knew something was “off” the whole time. And I got hooked. I came in thirsty and left parched.

The reality is I have my own healing to do and my own dreams to fulfill. I have to remind myself that, “He is not healthy for me.” No narcissist is. But what dating a Narcy does is it makes you open your own attic and look at the skeletons in there. The things we neglect become our monsters. Also, the things we won’t look at in us become something that can be exploited by Narcies. So, it’s really important to work with a good coach or therapist after “escaping” this type of romance so that you can anchor back into your inner authority.

As I said before, I have spent endless hours reading up on this topic. So, I will leave you with this:

You are not bad or wrong if you are narcissistic but it does make you dangerous to be around. You are not bad or wrong for dating a narcissist or abuser and wanting them to change. It just means there is deeper healing to be done. And, we can heal. We can move forward. We can have healthy relationships based on boundaries that get created from now being able to identify love bombing, diminishment, mis-direction, projection, blame, shame, neglect, verbal abuse and other venom that comes from Camp Narcy.

Simply, it’s up to us to be the change we want to see.

Why Do We Keep Breaking Up?

Why Do We Keep Breaking Up?

I know a lot of folks who have had two divorces. I have had a least a dozen breakups in one decade.

So, Why do we keep breaking up?

What We Don’t Know About Breakup Will End Us.

If you have gone through a breakup in the last decade this is what is actually happening.


Prelude to a Breakup:


  • Load App on phone.
  • Swipe.
  • Date.
  • Fuck.
  • Breakup.
  • Repeat.


We hear fairy tails of people being best friends first and then it turning into a relationship that produced two kids, a happy marriage, and a great pension plan. We have heard about that friend who met her boyfriend on Tinder and they are doing good. We have plunged ourselves into some form of self-betterment like working out, meditation, or doing yoga. We have said, “I have patterns that I’m going to break.” Nonetheless, we keep breaking up and getting back online to mend what’s broken. 

Watching other people be “successful” online compels us to do what they are doing. The mob is meeting via artificial intelligence. So, let’s talk about “meeting someone online”.

What is a dating profile?

It’s a picture of a past moment that we judge with one glance. That’s what most dating apps have trained us to do. And it’s not wrong. However, what you are seeing in a person the you attracted to is yourself. That is to say, the parts of our conscious we feel disconnected from we project onto an image and hope that that other person will fill in the blanks.

So, in some way, swiping is reinforcing narcissism. Philosophy aside, desire drives us to consume. That what a date with someone is, it’s a consumption of information mixed together with projection.

If no one has said it to you in a while, “Intimacy takes time.” We often confuse the rush of terror that comes with meeting ourselves in a new person with falling in love. Intimacy is peaceful. Dating however is anxiety provoking because most of us go into it thinking about “forever.”

  • “Will this guy be the one?”
  • “Will she be the mother of my kids?”


So, bla bal bal, we meet, we share some information, and then we get naked and fuck each other. All the feel-good chemicals rush in. The love songs start making some sense. And attachment kicks in. We get used to having a particular person in our life, call it magic, and start to adjust our choices around the relationship.

It’s a program. I’m just going to say that. The way we get into our relationships is a program. The only way out of that program is intimacy. But, again, 96.8% of us are just going along to get along. So, inevitably we “breakup” and trade one person for another.

The Breakup Cycle

Breakups happen at the beginning of the relationship not the end of them. We talk about “red flags” and shit like that to describe what might ruin a relationship. The fact is that our parents programmed us to be a certain way in the world by handing down their limitations to us. The function of being a parent is to program your child. You know what, you aren’t going to understand why you do what you do. You won’t, so talking about your childhood or whatever stupid story you are telling yourself doesn’t help unless it changes your behaviors. Nothing can be figured out by talking about it.

You have to live, fuck up, forgive and keep going until your body gives out. But, you know why we go round and round about our stories? It’s because we think that doing that gives us some control over how they will unfold. Somethings have already been decided in the great mystery of existence. 

You don’t get to choose the duration of a relationship. Stop thinking that you can be a person that engenders people staying in your life “forever.” That is stupid. Each relationship has a time-period built into it. In fact, the relationships that last the longest are also filled with a lot of space. A deep bond has a pulse to it. It’s not always together. It’s not always falling apart. It’s both. 

I’m annoyed and I’m mad at you for reading this article because what you need to be doing is talking to a professional that can help you communicate who you are. “I can’t afford it.” Well what are you doing with your time? Spending hours reading articles online about twin flames, mental health, red flags, or getting your ex back is just mental masturbation.

And I’ve done it. It doesn’t get us anywhere. The only thing that moves us forward is relationships with healthy people that hold space for us to show up unafraid. But, let’s be real, most of us are running in fear after a breakup. Truthfully, we were fearful the from the beginning to the end of the relationship and all the time in between. 

And a lot of us cope with breaking up by doing the same shit:

  • Leave the relationship emotionally while we are still physically in it and going through the motions.
  • Talk to our friends about how bad our partner is but still have sex with them.
  • The sex starts to shift and doesn’t feel as connected.
  • Fights.
  • Reading articles on how to save the relationship.
  • Reading lists on what a good partnership looks like.
  • Some version of “This isn’t working.”
  • Then we breakup. We lust after our ex. We go back and forth. Or we numb out.

And we don’t ever fucking stop to heal.

Now I’m really mad at you for reading this article looking for answers. Honey, nothing you read is going to get you what you want. Sorry.

Do you know what it’s going to take? It’s going to take a relationship with a counselor, spiritual guide, or teacher that will direct you back to yourself. The same person who hurt you won’t heal you. It takes someone new–that new person is you. And to get to that fully expressed person vibrating at the rate of Love, facing yourself is required. 

It’s not until we master our emotions that we will be able to have a truly loving relationship; with or without a partner in the picture.

But, that’s not where the story ends. Yes, loving ourselves is important. But, we don’t love ourselves by ourselves. It takes relationships to guide us and aid us in being expressed. So, here’s the deal pumpkin, If you are reading this it’s because you are afraid. 

Being afraid is not way to live life, to date, to get in a relationship, to breakup, or to exist.

There is a better way to never breakup again. 

Have faith in the process. Give yourself credit for progress. Get help.

Book Your Free Consultation with Me now.

Self-Help Won’t Get You What You Want

Self-Help Won’t Get You What You Want

“You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.”

Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


Getting what you want by being yourself is metaphysical and takes more than self-help to do it. 

Sometimes we let talking about things be the action we take on realizing our dreams. How many of us want more money, a good relationship, or amazing health? We go all “Self-help” about it: ask questions, sign up for programs, buy exercise equipment, read more books, and yet keep repeating the same behavior year after year.

If you read that last sentence and started to feel bad, welcome to self-help shaming. The following questions are examples of pressing pain points that keep us seeking for answers outside of ourselves: 

  • Are you stuck?
  • Do you want a 6 figure business?
  • How do you get your ex back?
  • Are you dating a narcissist?

The answers are yes, yes, yes, and yes…but I can’t, shouldn’t, and I don’t know how.  Then we feel like shit for feeling something about how life is being reflected back to us. It’s self-help hell. 

Pause and reflect on that.

How do we get out of self-help hell?

Access a better feeling. This means your intentions and priorities are in harmony with who you are. The greatest expression of yourself comes by being responsible for who you are. A lot of don’t know how to access who we are so we just talk about what we want instead.

Having something means being responsible for the thing you have. However, the anticipation of having something can register as pleasure in the body. That means that having a relationship that works takes work. Talking about having a healthy relationship feels good in theory.

Theory is different than practice. We are entering choppy waters because the idea of being ourselves and actually being Self requires facing ourselves. 

Getting married and taking vows means facing our self-imposed limitations and fears. Getting something means losing something else. 

So, where does the realizing of our desires happen? How does that $50,000, healthy relationship, happy family, and strong body show up?

What clues are we given that point us in the direction of our purpose?

Feeling like a piece of shit because you are not rich like everyone else is a clue. Getting mad at all the couples showing public displays of affection is a clue. Feeling desperate to lose weight, live somewhere else, or have better sex is a clue. In short, resistance is a clue.

The thing we are not willing to look at has everything we want inside of it. Pain is not actually painful. It’s resisting pain that causes stagnation in our lives because we often choose distraction to cope with it.

In relationships it sounds like, “If he would just change then I could feel better and we would be happy.” Guess who isn’t willing to change or face themselves in this situation? You.

Pain is a message that what you want is here and waiting to be developed through relationships.

Guess how we deal with not getting what we want? We keep looking outside of ourselves to get it. We blame the relationships in our life for not performing as they “should”. Then we look at how everyone else is “doing it”. We return to mimicry as a default apparatus all the while feeling lost inside of our lives.

Talking about it, collecting information on it, and all this motion covers up the deep empty feeling that we may never be enough. So, we acquire more, get more ambitious, and spend our lives running away from ourselves.

We plug into a path and go through the motions. Then we witness how other people are “doing” on their path and start to feel envy. “Why is that asshole a millionaire?” “Why does some whore have so many followers on Instagram and I have my PhD and can’t get my business off the ground?” “Why me?” “Why not me?” “What mindset coach do I need to hire?”

The path to what you want is the same path that reveals who you are to yourself.

What does that mean? It means the path to who we are isn’t linear. It is a spiral. Another way of saying this is, “As above, so below.” “As within, so without.” In simple terms, you are not valuable unless you assume you are. Results are reflected in our relationships and results are revealed in the demonstration of faith.

I act as I am. Who I am magnetizes what I want to me. That’s faith.

This can be confusing.

So, let me say it plainly. I asked for $50,000 to show up right away. I’ve asked for that for the last 5 years. What I didn’t do was feel good about having that money. I didn’t want that kind of responsibility. 50K was met with the feeling of being exposed. Somehow, having a lot of money meant I couldn’t hide behind my habits. I would have to change some core part of me. So, I doubled down on doing the same thing–looking outside of myself for the answers.

That is where this article is coming from–I felt shame about having money so it was easier to talk about it. So, welcome to the moment of revelation.

I felt shame about everything I’ve ever had in my life which meant I was looking to be rescued from life by money, a man, or sex. The change happened when I took responsibility for what I have. I am a creative force of nature and a child of god like everyone else. So, I am god in form. That means I am responsible to realize what I already have–the ability to create my life rather than be rescued from my life.

How did the shift happen? Intelligent conversation with people anchored in love. It wasn’t done through self-help.

Self-help is meant to make you feel bad about yourself and keep you seeking for your value. It’s a treadmill.

The moment you have something means that you lose something. Having a shit ton of money also means your time will be traded in service to the inspiration. There are spiritual laws working through us and the only thing that blocks us is getting in our own way.

If you ask for something you are saying, “I’ve taken responsibility to receive and nurture my desire into experience.” Let this be the foundation of your understanding:

You don’t get what you want, you get who you are. We face ourselves in every relationship we have. 

The only way to get to who you are is to have relationships. The way to getting what you want is knowing who you are. So, relationships are the path to getting what you want because they teach you who you are.

This means that we need mentors, spiritual teachers, and advocates in order to grow into our life in an intelligent way. The method to realization is conversations rooted in spiritual principles. And revelation comes when we arrive into the moment of seeing we are what we have been seeking. That’s love.

To experience deep levels of peace requires commitment to our own process. The process is what changes us. Not many of us understand this and again it takes being engaged in a conversation with someone who can offer real guidance to achieve levels of love, peace, and bliss that register as heaven on earth. Everything else is just talking about becoming someone.

Be it to have it.



12 Realistic Steps for This Thing We Call Life

12 Realistic Steps for This Thing We Call Life

12 Realistic Steps for This Thing We Call Life


  1. Go along with the crowd and hate your life.
  2. Blame your parents for everything. #fatherwound
  3. Have more than one addiction.
  4. Get divorced more than once or die alone with 12 cats.
  5. Give other people advice how to live life; especially when your life is fucked up.
  6. Become LA spiritual and post inspirational quotes on social media.
  7. Have a like/hate relationship with your body, time, and God.
  8. Become intellectual and never feel your feelings.
  9. Hire a goal oriented life-coach for $20,000; or just give your power away to something or someone else.  
  10. Project onto everyone else that they are a narcissist; then fill the Gram with Selfies.
  11. “Do Ceremony”–taking sacred drugs in some quasi-shaman’s Orange County living room.
  12. Have a life-crisis that wakes you up because anxiety and depression are only drinking buddies and not real friends.


There are no definitive answers for your life or existence; ok pumpkin.  

We are all just reading something someone said at some point in history and repeating it to each other. Some of us agree, some don’t, and we all fake it until we die “wise.” So, in the meantime, this is the brief overview of the 12 Realistic Steps for This Thing We Call Life. Feel free to repeat it and make this bitch go viral–mama’s got money to make and jerking off to Rumi quotes isn’t doing it.


Step 1: Go along with the crowd and hate your life.

What rat bastard coined the term “waking up”? None of us are waking up. Even the people who are the most spiritual are still consumers on this planet. Too dark?

Well, I use plastic bottles, buy cheap clothes, fuck strangers, have drank booze and done psychedelic drugs, and yet “I am the light that inside all of us.” And yes, Gandi, Jesus, Buddha and the Spiritual Masters are not me unless they are me looking at me through the spiritual lens.



None of us have to stay alive. It’s not mandatory. It is a choice. A lot of us just choose to go along to get a long because it produces the feeling of belonging, which feels safe. We like what we like and sometimes turn into raging assholes over what we don’t like.

Every single one of us will have a day that goes like this:

“What am I doing with my life? Maybe I should just kill myself. Nothing makes sense. I feel so alone. No one gets me. I don’t care anymore.” (Insert Netflix Marathon or numbing agent of choice.) “Hmm, I’m hungry, I should go get something to eat.” And then you jerk off, go to sleep and live another 70 years.


Step 2: Blame your parents for everything.

In a quest for redemption we seek out the reason “Why” we are so fucked up. In my case, my Grandmother wasn’t getting her sexual needs met by my alcoholic Grandfather and decided to molest her sons–my father being one of them. So, that set off a generational chain reaction that has made having healthy relationships a wee bit difficult. And, I’m the one who made the choices I did. It’s not like my grandmother’s ghost was like, You go fuck all those guys and get herpes and then look back and regret life.

Nonetheless, we live in a cause and effect world. So, really bad shit has a long reaching impact. When you can’t access forgiveness the next thing in line is blame.

Future parents be warned; your child is going to need therapy–send them to me. (I have a Masters and am legit.)


Step 3: Have more than one addiction.

Insurance companies and big industries are depending on our addictions. So, thank you addictions for keeping the economy running and for giving me meaning and purpose in life. Also, fuck you addiction because I’ve been recruited into your cult-like following.

Hello, I’m Rebekah and I have codependent tendencies–Hi, Rebekah. (The addiction is the cult–the actual 12 steps are the redemption.) 


Step 4: Get divorced more than once or die alone with 12 cats.

Do you boo.

Everyone is going to tell you to love yourself no matter what anyway. So ride the fantasy of forever into litigation as many times as you need to so that you can die saying, “I tried.”


Never get married and have animals as your friends. Either way–divorced or perpetually single–you are in good company.


Step 5: Give other people advice how to live life; especially when your life is fucked up.

I’m doing this right now. Enough said.

They say the best counselors are the ones who have lived the message they are sharing. That’s me, right here, living the message: Freedom Baby!

The power is in the process.


Step 6: Become LA spiritual and post inspirational quotes on social media.

This step is a symptom of anyone about to leave their “normal life” and become a life-coach. Chances are there will be a name change that goes along with this step as well; for instance going from Joe to Orion (Based on a True Story). So, this is a fun attempt at being a better person but really the ego just got a little more cunning. According to Dr David R Hawkins 49% of America are low-vibrating conflictual beings (AKA total douche-bags).


Step 7: Have a like/hate relationship with your body, time, and God.

Author Mark Manson would say something about this step that goes like, “We all want to feel good…but what pain are you willing to endure?” All of us are chasing our tails trying to feel good all the time. The fact is, feeling shitty about your body, time or God is a cry to level up already. Set some new standards and endure pain to realize them.


Step 8: Become intellectual and never feel your feelings.

Paging big pharma and the internet. Why bother feeling when there are so many options for distraction and hubris?


Step 9: Hire a goal oriented life-coach for $20,000; or just give your power away to something or someone else.  

I’ll gladly take your money and sell you back to you. Porn has been doing it. So, if it’s good enough for porn, isn’t it good enough for all of us? I wonder what Hugh Hefner would do?


Step 10: Project onto everyone else that they are a narcissist; then fill the Gram with Selfies.

I just don’t get why people have such a hard time having meaningful, long-lasting, loving, and healing relationships these days said every generation since the dawn of industry. We can’t take care of ourselves without each other. Duh.


Step 11: “Do Ceremony”–taking sacred drugs in some quasi-shaman’s Orange County living room.

Sure seeing a Jaguar in a psychedelic haze and speaking to your past-lives may provide relief for this current 3D plane of existence we are sharing. But, we all poop and that has to go somewhere. We are still responsible for this life, no matter how fucking old our soul is.


Step 12: Have a life-crisis that wakes you up because anxiety and depression are only drinking buddies and not real friends.

I met some 20 year olds in a oxygen bar called Tonic located in Boulder, Colorado. They wanted recommendations for what to order off the menu of tonics and potions. I said, “It depends on how you feel. What emotions are coming up for you?” The three 20-something guys replied, “Tention, anxiety, and acid reflux.”

What the fuck?

Being able to relax isn’t a luxury. And fuck it, we are all going to die, it’s how you live on the way there that give us all something to blame while we are doing the same damn thing as we trudge through



I hope you realize this is a satire.

Self-help will totally save you and you should probably go work with a counselor that knows how to unlock your potential.*Sarcastic tone 

*Actual voice: But, if you have any interest in what the truth can do for you, I take visa, master card, and process it all through Paypal. I’m just a schedule click away.

Listen, I get it, life is tough and going through a breakup is wicked hard. You do not have to do it alone. I don’t discount my packages but I do offer payment plans. So, I suggest not suffering these bogus 12 Realistic Steps and actually enrolling in Breakup Rehab. It will change your life, now. I’m happy to help but you have to do the most difficult thing and get on-board. 

It’s not about being “ready”. It’s about committing to your life like your life depends on it—because it does! 


The 5 Questions We Ask when Deciding to Break Up or Stay Together.

The 5 Questions We Ask when Deciding to Break Up or Stay Together.

The 5 Questions We Ask when Deciding to Break Up or Stay Together.

If you want real answers, just hire me. But in the mean time, for those of you without an extra 10K for life changing guidance, I hope this article helps.

The 5 Questions:

  1. Is my boyfriend a narcissist?
  2. How to I overcome conflict in my relationship?
  3. What are signs of abusive behavior?
  4. How do I save my relationship?
  5. What are signs that I’m in a good relationship?

This isn’t an easy article to write because there is no one “right” answer to those questions that is specific to your situation. However, if you are reading this it’s because you are in that really shitty place where you don’t know if you should try harder or cut your losses. I’ve done my best to summarize answers that will move you forward. Chances are that you are attached to the person who is inspiring this type of Sherlock Holmes gathering of information. Your mind is like, “If only I can get to the bottom of this then life will be bliss.”

How do I know all this? Because I’ve lived it multiple-times over.

I’m not only and amazing counselor/witch/healer, I’ve also been in the dating pool enough to know to learn how to swim.

The 5 Questions We Ask when Deciding to Break Up or Stay Together.

Chances are if you are asking this question, Is my boyfriend a narcissist? it’s because you want to blame all your shit on your partner. Is it okay for a man to be abusive self-centered dick? FUCK NO IT IS NOT!

However, why are you dating someone that has you asking the question, Is my boyfriend a narcissist? What half-baked pop-psychology shit have you been rifling through to circumvent the very real fact that your choices create your life.

If he is a narcissist, that means you can’t change him. If he isn’t, you still can’t change him. And if you stay with him, then you get to be just as fucked up as he is. So, start with the wo/man in the mirror.

You could try to be the “better person” and look at if from a spiritual lens.

It sounds like this:

“Well my boyfriend may be acting like a narcissist but that doesn’t mean that is who he is.” Great, you separated the behavior from the identity. But, dating someone who only thinks of themself all the time feels like shit. I mean, some of us submissive types go along to get along. But if you think for yourself at all, there is a good chance being with a “Narcy” isn’t a good match for your overall well-being.

Sucks for you that you got addicted to them though, which brings me to the next question:

How do I overcome conflict in my relationship?

“Well everyone has fights.” That’s true. But, if you are focusing on that chances are little attention is being paid on how cooperative your partner is. If you are thinking, “They reject me most of the time” then get out of that martyr situation. I mean, burn off your Karma, and then a better situation will show up.

But, if a better situation seems far away, we can get stuck trying to fix the shit we are in.

If you are asking, What are the signs of abusive behavior? then you have experienced abusive behavior. People don’t ask this question unless some shit has gone down. 

When people fight, many of us seek to destroy the other person by undermining their character, points of view, and sometimes we physically harm the other person. This is not how healthy people fight. Healthy people say things like, “I’m so angry right now I could scream my head off but instead I’m going to walk away and come back when I’m calm.”

The reality is “blowing it out” might feel good in the moment but it locks both people in an addictive cycle resulting in a dysfunctional relationship.

Please click this: Signs of Abuse

So if you got to the question, How do I save my relationship? after having gone through the thread of finding a diagnosis, learning about conflict resolution, looking over signs of abuse, you are not going to save a healthy relationship. You are just trying to find out how to put out a tire fire with your body.

However, if you began the search for answers with How do I save my relationship? there are a few factors to look at. The first one is, Why? According to John Gottman 68% of couples have the same recurring fight for the duration of their relationship. So, the quick and dirty answer to preservation of what you’ve got is to pick your battles and forgive quickly.

This then brings us to the award winning question, What are the signs I’m in a good relationship?

  1. Cooperation: The ability to turn differences into relational strengths.
  2. Contribution: Self reflecting so that you give the best of you to the relationship.
  3. Communication: Tell the truth every time.
  4. Consideration: There is more than just me involved in my decisions.
  5. Christ: Have a spiritual foundation to turn to in times of trials and celebrations.

A lot of people will tell you that it’s better to be single than to be in a bad relationship. I disagree. Being single is a bad relationship if you keep attracting bad relationships. Being single is a critical time to examine your inner critic and see how kind you are to yourself. However, that will get you only so far, so we need bad relationships as tools of refinement. The really hurtful abusive relationships that echo shit childhoods can fuck right off though. Those are ecosystems of destruction and death; that require more than a life-coach to repair. Eh-hem. 

In short, this life is a journey and no one is going to care about your legacy 100 years from now. You have to care about your time more than anyone else. To make the most of it I suggest reading Breakup Rehab and learning the skills that produce happiness, prosperity, and good feeling relationships. Help is here as well. I offer integrative sessions that combine psychology with psychic insights so that you can get to where you are going faster. Book a session now.

And thanks for reading. I hope this helped.

Who is Breakup Rehab for?

Who is Breakup Rehab for?

Getting Down to Business


Everyone breaks up,
not everyone gets Breakup Rehab 

Breakup Rehab was born of the need to support individuals recovery from addiction to their last failing relationship. The mission is to uplift the person working with me. You can waste time in life and that’s not what life is for–it is to be lived and lived well! 

Who Benefits from Breakup Rehab? 
Having done this work for 5 years, people who are deciding to breakup/divorce and who are in transition points in their relationship get the most out of Breakup Rehab.

More specifically, a newly divorced wife who depends on wine and yoga classes to “keep it together” has a stellar chance of thriving when adding Breakup Rehab to her life (BTW she won big in the alimony round).

I don’t often work with “celebrities”. I work with creatives. Celebrity is just misnomer in my line of work. To me, I work with people who want to have an spiritual awakening and heal for real. Many of my clients come from the entertainment industry, the tech industry, and also I get some folks from the financial sector.

Individuals who work in the medical field, family law, tech, and stressful corporate jobs also find immediate relief after enrolling in Breakup Rehab.Market research is out as if this program helps hippies or not—I’m competing with rose quarts and tarot cards after all. And this isn’t some bull-shit glossy program. We go deep.

I have had the honor of working with veterans with PTSD, people coming off of heroin, meth, and other hard drugs, and youth who lost a parent. Grief is a very real right of passage in our lifetime.

I’m dedicated to my clients. I just love this process of resurrection so damn much I’m willing to put my life on the line for it. I’m willing to go to bat for my clients and make sure they know they are part of the freedom family.

The Power is in the Process: 
Breakup Rehab is a 1:1 counseling program that happens over six months with one 90 minute call every other week. In that time we work on healing the hurt, remembering our power, and connecting with God as we understand her/him. The benefit of the program is simply–FREEDOM.
Who do you know that could benefit from this healing program?
Tuition is discussed in the initial consultation. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from heartbreak, resentment, regret, fear, loathing, and has come to believe love isn’t possible for them—Breakup Rehab will change all of that. Sign up now because Hollywood is calling me and I’m about to have a “line out the door!” 

With love, 
Rebekah Freedom

Breakup Rehab: Girls, Wine, & Secrets

Breakup Rehab: Girls, Wine, & Secrets

“We are as sick as our secrets”. –AA

It’s in every yoga studio, in every eyelash extension salon, 6:30pm at the liquor store, and tucked away in the phrase, “Let’s have a girls night.” Cities like Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Denver, and New York all house these beautiful women who are holding onto a secret. Some of these women have some things in common and proudly belong to the division known as “Boss-ass Babes”. A group of them are top executives and a few are artists turned savvy business women who, on the surface, seem to “have it all”.

She has an Instagram account full of pictures of tropical vacations, afternoon rose wine, curated meals that some hipster dreamed up, and fashion. There’s a lot of networking and late nights that show up on her Instagram stories. And, it’s just that, it’s a story.

The door closes on the yoga studio and the heat is turned up to 109 degrees. “Andrea” has on her lululemon hot yoga shorts and a bondage inspired sports bra. Her 5’4 frame looks elongated as she stands tall in tree pose. She convinced her friend “Vanessa” to join her for this early morning class, “To burn off last night and because the teacher–Keegan–is so hot.” “It will be great and then we can get a green detox drink after!” she promises her sluggish friend.

Vanessa doesn’t make nearly as much money as Andrea does and she has had to fall back on her parents several times since her breakup had such an impact on her online clothing business. Andrea came up from the middle, got a scholarship to an Ivy-league school, and landed a top tech firm job that flies her all across the world. These two women met through mutual friends who were into fashion and they became “besties”.

As sweat runs down Vanessa’s back, she is quietly questioning her life choices while simultaneously trying to keep her focus on when to transition from one pose to another.  Half way through the class, she gives up and walks out. “Fuck this!” Andrea feels embarrassed but finishes the class, and then after she puts herself together for work, texts “Megan”: Vanessa is such a train-wreck! I can’t believe she bailed on yoga this morning!

Megan is in the middle of a meeting and shoots back a poop emoji and a LOL face. If there were a pack leader, Megan would be it. She was engaged, running a seven-figure fitness business, lives in Los Angeles but has a condo in New York that had been in the family for generations, and she defers big decisions to her spiritual guru shaman. She is sleek with perfect hair (extensions), a designer wardrobe, and a beautiful Mercedes.

These women and those like them drive commerce in the Western World. Their hearts are in a pretty good place, and despite knowing about the Law of Attraction, their minds are in turmoil. What Andrea doesn’t know about Vanessa is that Vanessa is on antidepressants she washes down with a bottle of Malbec, most nights of the week. On the nights she’s not chasing her pills with booze, she is on a date with another “rando”. And she’s chasing her booze with cheep sex. But, this isn’t the big secret because when all the girls are together–the tigers and the ringleader–they laugh and joke about dating, sex, butt-plugs, and do their best to one-up each other’s ability to be salacious.

Megan feels like she has dirt on both Andrea and Vanessa since they both complain to her about the other one. She also feels better than them because she is engaged. For Megan, life is going “according to plan”. But, she didn’t plan on her sex-life being so dry and flat. She didn’t plan on feeling envious of Vanessa’s ability to hook up and move on.

Both Megan and Vanessa think Andrea is totally put together. But, what Andrea doesn’t share is that she spends way to much money on Amazon.com around 3am in the morning because she can’t sleep; her anxiety keeps her up.

Hints of these secrets show up when they get together and “get four bottles deep”. It’s not that they are bad. It’s not that therapy hasn’t worked. It’s that in yoga class, in the eyelash salon, in the liquor store, and after “girls night”; the ache of living with broken hearts, guilt, shame and emptiness is there.

Love is packaged and sold as a drug in these circles. We binge watch shows like The Bachelor and Say Yes to the Dress. No one is keeping up with the Kardashians; although some of us are still trying to emulate them. None of us feel really great about our bodies. We all have had a version of childhood that left holes in our psychology. A handful of us drifted into the “plant medicine” world. And using catch phrases like, “I’m enough” is just enough to get us to the next day.

But, the medicine isn’t in the stack of self-help books we buy but don’t actually read. It’s circulating through podcasts but only as information. The medicine isn’t in a “mindset” coaching formula, singular church service, or twelve-step gatherings. Broken hearts and empty spaces are healed through the conversations that happen in Breakup Rehab.

It doesn’t matter what her name is–she is lost. I’ve been her. I am her. And what I know to be true is that rehabilitation brings us back home again.

Allen Ginsberg elucidates this by saying, “And while I’m here, I’ll do the work. And what is the work? To ease the pain of living–everything else is a drunken dumbshow.”

We are fallible humans that pass down the lineage of guilt to one another like it was an explanation for existence. It’s not. Life cannot be explained nor can it be lived fully with misunderstanding. Access to unconditional love and the peace that coincides with it requires a commitment few can integrate but in retrospect. Love is nothing and everything.

And it’s there, in the quiet moments, in our prayers, at all hours of the day, in our asking and in Breakup Rehab.



3 Signs You are Walking a Path with Heart

3 Signs You are Walking a Path with Heart

I’m a liar, thief, cheat, bully, and manipulator. I admit it. And as I reveal that side of me, I’ve upset a lot of people. It takes a true warrior with heart to bring shadows to light, and transform them.

In the last week I have had two people respond to my social media posts by telling me, “You should not be giving relationship advice.” The first person argued that only people with PhD’s are qualified to make money as relationship counselors. The second person responded to my Facebook Live about the instinct to murder by saying in essence, “Those who need help themselves should not be relationship counselors.”

I agitate people because I say things “you are not supposed to say.” I realize that being a Breakup Specialist and charging people for counseling might seem exploitative. “You are taking advantage of people in a vulnerable position.” People who are in pain because of loss are vulnerable. People who struggle with low self worth are vulnerable. People who are hungry are vulnerable. And a primary focus of marketing, that I didn’t invent, is “put pressure on their pain point.” However, there is strength in our vulnerability and paying for help is a very vulnerable act. Investing in help changes people let alone the conversations we have that provide non-judgmental perspective.

I also recognize that I am still healing.

I have killed off my meaningful relationships time and time again.Sometimes, destroying things makes me feel alive. Does it make me less qualified as for my position as a “healer”? Maybe. But, more than this, it challenges my commitment to be transparent, stay congruent, and speak the truth.


I share all of this to say, that the first sign we are on a right path or path with heart is resistance.


We learn disapproval of our behavior early in life through parental conditioning. This then forms into survival strategies such as suppression, compartmentalization, and projection. As we grow up alongside care-givers, abusers, and teachers we practice different versions of these strategies until they turn into our identities.

It’s important to note that when you come to a crossroads in your life where you commit to a new way of being–more open, transparent, more focused, and go against what you have known; it registers as a risk. What I’ve found to be true is deep commitment to personal growth is met with both internal and external opposition. It’s as if the laws of nature are asking, “Are you sure you want this?”

As a caveat, in the western world we are programmed to think that people who have wealth are also people of virtue. In fact, they just have access to large-scale creative expression as well as massive destruction. An example of this is the oil and gas industry. As the saying goes:

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required,” Luke 12:48 (King James Version.)

In my life it sounds like, “You should not be doing what you are doing.” “You are dangerous.” “You are causing harm in people’s lives.” I’ve let this stop me before. I quit trusting in my own authority. And people do get hurt when we finally stop being who they have known us to be or something that doesn’t fit into the “safe” version of what we should be.

The true test isn’t in overcoming resistance, but in being persistent. Resistance only represent the end of one thing–a minor death. The true sacrifice comes when we are deliberate in our motion forward. The “can’t”, “won’t”, “shouldn’t” messages that arise both internally and externally must be met with focus and determination. It is not determination of the mind, but of the heart.

Life-force-energy congregates in this middle place. It takes energy to have your shadows exposed. Often we fail to change in the middle place and run back to what was familiar. But, if we lean into the heart, we will find the bravery to be with the transformation, and the courage to persist.

Then, there is a moment, where critical mass is reached and there is no going back. The message of the heart has found its way into the world. It may be presented as a whisper at first, but over time, with practice it becomes more consistent.

New authority is established. The journey of rebirth from a child crippled by an outgrown system gets purified through overcoming resistance, gaining life force energy by being persistent, and the heart’s full expression anchors in through consistency.

The phrase that sums this up the most is, “We are all walking each other home.” And, in my experience, it’s the ones who provide resistance that are really showing us the way to walk our path with heart. Bless the test and walk on!


Clarifying Mental Health

Clarifying Mental Health

Comprehending Mental Health

Is mental health a luxury?


What is mental health?


Life-coaching isn’t mental health.

Mental health is both an noun and a verb. It is also how we describe someone’s internal operating system (E-IOS). Ironically, much of mental health has to do with emotions, which are housed in the body. The field of psychology–the cross section of philosophy & biology–is where we learn how to study and treat mental health issues.

An advanced degree in the field of psychology equips an practitioner to better support individuals who have experienced rape, drug addiction, trauma, and those who suffer from mood or personality disorders. I am not a clinical mental health practitioner. 

I hold a Masters in Counseling but I am not a clinical counselor not a marriage and family therapist. I am registered as a minister of the Universal Life Church . The purpose of services rendered may prove to be therapeutic but are not intended as therapy; rather as coaching, mentorship or facilitation of personal goals.

A vision-board session with a life-coach doesn’t treat mental illness. Having a better grip on how to schedule your day can be useful to a lot of people but does not help to manage OCD behavior. I can’t say this enough–LIFE COACHING IS NOT THERAPY!

Therapists are held to a code of ethics. The most prominent being that therapists have duty to keep what is shared as confidential unless the client plans on harming themselves or someone else, which then means psychotherapists have a duty to report. We cannot have dual relationships. For instance I couldn’t have my landlord as a client. There’s a long list of ethical guidelines psychotherapists must adhere to including getting supervision. Client privileges rely on the bedrock of ethical practices.

My Bias Towards Untrained Life-Coaches

The billion dollar wellness industry has a virus inside of it. There is a fine line between providing support and reinforcing disease. “Well that’s just your story.” “Do you work.” “Go inside.” Bla bla bla. Defining your goals is a mental act and the primary focus of life coaching. But, when aspects of the field of psychology are co-opted and diluted it opens the door to exacerbate anxiety & depression through subtle layers of comparison.

Humans seek completion. We like homeostasis and when we are not in that state it is due to stress. I can’t speak for everyone but when I see “have a six-figure” coaching program—it makes me feel like shit. Specifics aside, a lot of us are nervous wrecks because of the cycle of coaching programs and self-help garble that has flooded the “wellness” space. The seeking of healing can injure seeker.

Without being too philosophical about it, it comes down to everyone staying in their lane so for the sake of validity. What needs to be treated is actually being treated.

Comparison is the thief of all joy.


Clinical issues: Addiction, Abuse, Anxiety & Depression

Public figure Simon Sinek talks about millennial’s addiction to their phones and has predicted a rise in suicides & depression which we are now seeing. The suicide rate is skyrocketing with a strong correlation to social media as the catalyst.


The issue I have with untrained life coaches is that a sparkly media campaign that talks about Law of Attraction often attracts people who are in crisis. Life coaches are not trained to help people in crisis. The code of ethics specifies that psychotherapists do not practice outside of their scope or field of expertise. Yet, life-coaches, psychics, and healers often violate this ethical code and don’t refer out to a better suited practitioner.
Granted one of the skills the we learn as psychotherapists is the power of actively listening to or clients without an agenda. Is a life-coach able to do that? Yes. But what if that client talks about raping someone, or having been raped, or the intent to harm themselves? Is a “discovery call” where coaches are trained to “focus on the pain point” going to point the client in the right direction? It’s possible. But what often happens is that the life-coach has only a few tools to address a huge systemic issue and are in over their head.

It’s not that every person with a psychology degree is equipped to work with mental health clients. We can only take our clients as far as we have been ourselves. This means that the practitioner must be invested in their own help and healing. We must continue to educate ourselves so that we can know what clients we can and cannot work with.

Mental health is dynamic and cannot be managed by the tools that life-coaches use. This being said, many mental health practitioners choose to refrain from taking a licencing exam and therefore practice counseling under the umbrella of life-coaching.

What does all of this have to do with Mental Health?

The DSM is the primary resource that catalogs mental health disorders and courses of treatment. To paraphrase, a disorder is a set of behaviors that are maladaptive. There are two types of mental health disorders—personality and mood.

Anxiety and depression are the most common mood disorders. Narcissism has gotten a lot of airtime and is the most popularized personality disorder.

Disorders like schizophrenia, where people hear voices, can sometimes result in individuals killing or harming someone else because a “voice” told them to. Individuals who get an advanced degree in psychology such as a PsyD are equipped to treat people with mood and personality disorders. Life-coaches aren’t.

As a person trained as a clinician but who also incorporates psychic information into my sessions, my consent to treat form clearly states:

I understand that the purpose of services rendered may prove to be therapeutic but are not intended as therapy; rather as coaching, mentorship or facilitation of personal goals. I understand that Rebekah holds a Masters from Naropa University but is not a Licenced Psychotherapist but rather a Breakup Specialist who focuses on relationship & addiction issues.

*I am registered as an addiction counselor in the state of California.

What I offer can be labeled counseling or consulting. However, I am not a licenced psychotherapist and operate under the title of Breakup Specialist. Many people with masters have chosen to practice like this for various reasons. People seek spiritual counsel from me and I can consult on addiction issues. 

As a client seeking help it is best to distinguish between if he or she needs emotional guidance or if they only need facilitation to achieve a specific goal. If anxiety, depression, addiction or abuse are a factor then working with a person with a Masters or PhD or PsyD in Counseling is the best choice. For a simple pep-talk, life-coaches are better suited.

A Note on the Origins of Life Coaching:

Thomas Leonard, an American financial planner, is generally acknowledged as the first person to develop coaching as a profession in the 1980s and the history of life coaching today really starts with him.

Leonard observed that his clients, though emotionally stable and hardly needing therapy, wanted more from him than just the usual tips on how to invest and safeguard their incomes.

They wanted help in their lives better and planning and achieving their goals.

( Retreaved September 22, 2018: https://www.lifecoachingprofessionally.com/history-of-life-coaching.html)

The Bottom Line of Mental Health

If people cannot afford my services I still offer a free session to make sure a person in need is resourced. I often charge students and past clients a fraction of my listed prices because it is important to me they are properly supported. It is ethically and morally important to me that I direct individuals towards the people that will best support them. What I have to offer isn’t always the best fit. 

I also wrote the book Breakup Rehab (available on Amazon.com)  to make the tools I share in my spiritually focused private practice accessible to everyone who reads (English). It is not on audio because reading this information is an important part of the therapeutic process.

The point is that therapy is good for what therapy is good for and life-coaching is good for what life-coaching is good for. Ethical practices keep clients safe. It is best to refer people to Psychology Today to find a therapist that takes insurance or best fits their needs.  At the end of the day our well-being hinges on who we learn from and making sure we have the correct mentors for our life circumstances.

Thank you & Be Set Free!

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What is Healing?

What is Healing?

Don’t be sold a river of lies. Healing is truth. 

Healing has taken on a new identity in early 21st century. We have known doctors as healers. We have known tribal medicine men as healers. We have even known nature as the great healer. But, now their are individuals who are none of these things calling themselves “healers”. In fact, there was a time that I described myself in this way because it seemed to articulate a skill set I had accumulated.

But, after years of being a counselor, I’ve learned something very important about what healing is, where it comes from, and what identifying as a healer does.

What is Healing?

The best way to understand what healing is is to understand what it is not. Much of what we learn comes through contrast. Further there are various aspects of healing just like there are different genres of music. The one thing healing has in common, no matter the genera, is that it is something that is facilitated. But, we often mistake those who facilitate healing as the source of healing. This leads us to the first thing healing is not.

  1. Healing is not unique to one person or place. Rather the belief, singular or collective, in that person or place connects a person to Source. Restoration of life-energy heals.
  2. Healing is not a method. The body can be supported in healing itself. I can be influenced. But the orchestration of healing resides at the edge of scientific understanding as much of healing remains a mystery.
  3. Healing is not a reference to being broken. Healers are people who remind us we are whole. Yet, much of what gets sold in the “healing game” perpetuates the story of being broken and incomplete coupled with the promise of perfection.
  4. Healing is not a place we arrive. Healing is dynamic in that multiple systems are working in concert that results in a vessel that can house and display maximum potential. In simple terms, chi flows through the body with ease.

In regards to the types of healers that exist in this world there are nutritionists, life-coaches, business strategists, counselors, medical doctors, spiritual mentors, medicine-men, herbalists, witches, and dulas to name a few. The continuity between the various healers is they all bring perspective to a part of our humanity that requires renewal of life-force energy.

Where does Healing Come From?

Among many titles, life-force energy has been called chi, prana, psychic energy, spirit, and love. What both Western and Eastern medicine has taught us is that LFE (Life Force Energy) can be diminished through stress or stagnate and manifest as disease. Many of us live with degrees of death our bodies. Some of us quicken our death process through the use of drugs or by reinforcing the imbalance of addiction through our maladaptive behaviors.

In my line of work as a Breakup Specialist, I see the hope of being brought back to life through relationship result in relationship death. The common advice given to a person going through a breakup up is to “Love yourself.” But, in a culture that directs us towards narcissism as a survival strategy, there can be a defining quality that turns loving oneself into denial.

This is best demonstrated in the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason.” A veneer of positivity can be placed over that which is rotting and decaying. It’s true that ashes are created from burning wood. Energy requires consumption. But, consumption without renewal results in isolation and even annihilation.

Ironically, life-force energy is renewed when we sleep, when we are still, when we observe our thoughts and feelings and come into connection with presence. We often view life-force energy as a body in motion or as taking action that results in creation. Creation comes from innovation and innovation comes from having the space to assimilate our internal and external ecosystems.

They say extroverts are renewed through being social and introverts are renewed through being alone. Life-force energy dies off in the extreme. A pulse consists of contraction and expansion. One without the other results in death. This is true of the creative process, of getting into and out of relationships, and of navigating the survival realities of existing as a human.

What is a healer?

Those of us who help optimize survival are called healers. Each healer will define himself/herself differently. Some healers treat surface issues and can manipulate the aesthetic of a circumstance. Other healers attempt to get to the root of the issue. Either way, many of us mistake healers as authorities who have dominion over our bodies, emotions, and minds. Healers can be thought of as perfect, flawless, or blameless. But, this is not the case.

Speaking only for myself, I can say, I am far from perfect or the like. I’m constantly playing with boundaries, amending values, and shifting my priorities because, like my clients, I am learning how to survive as a human.

One of the areas I see healers centering their work on is that of “Purpose.” It seems that when a mind organizes around a purpose there is a greater feeling of satisfaction. But, this can work like placebo as well in that believing having a purpose will equate in being happier.

Many healers capitalize on this notion. We focus LFE to transmute  thought into form. A healer can be a teacher in that they impart a skills set to someone, which in retrospect is labeled “purpose.” We do what we believe we are capable of or even “have” to do to survive.

In actuality, a human who is fully alive and truly resorced is limitless.

It’s been said the most potent force on the planet is a human in action. We can conceptualize limitlessness as someone who is a billionaire. They are highly resourced.

But, even billionaires require healing because there is an irony in being limitless. Healthy humans do better by being able to depend on a consistent source of support. Attachment theory calls this the “Dependency Paradox.” The more we can rely on another person the more innovative and independent we will be in our lives. The more we can trust in life.

So, a healer, is someone that provides consistent and reliable support in a way that facilitates interactions which augment the flow of LFE. We bring people back to life.

Who Needs Healing?

There is a paradox the is central to the person seeking healing–it’s already inside of them. No story better represents our journey of healing than that of the Wizard of Oz. We need to walk our yellow brick road. Since we are all doing this, there is nothing special about it. But, instinctually we all want to fit in and stand out at the same time to different degrees. The times we want to stand out but are ignored creates a riff that can make us feel like the cowardly lion. The times we want to fit in but are rejected can shut us down so we feel like the tin-man. And when we neither fit in or stand out we can feel like the mindless scarecrow.

Yet, somehow, those parts of us band together undergo a life-journey filled with various characters. The responsibility of those seeking healing is to allow it. It’s not just important to be loved but to also let love in. Healers remind us how to do this. Those being healed remember. Simply, there are those who remind and those who remember.

Those needing healing can be struggling with addiction, disease, mental disorders, or spiritual possessions. The inability to create, maintain, and have healthy relationships is at the heart of everyone’s need for healing. I’m no exception. Hurt people hurt people. But, hurt people stop hurting others and start healing when they are connected to truth.

How do we Heal?

People can main-line Self-Help like crack cocaine. Self-help is largely fractured but just as there are many roads to Mecca, so to area there many avenues to truth. Truth is offensive to many of us. It’s not very sexy in that it’s unadulterated . Truth does have a freeing quality to it because it restores life.

We heal when we realize we are not alone. It only takes one positive person in our lives to make us feel healthy and effective. We heal when we feel like we have something to contribute. And the truth is we all do. A hug is a contribution. A breath. A smile. An idea. A life lived as art changes us all. The most impactful art is raw and true. It is channeled in someway through the body that turned thought into form.

Healing comes from getting out of our own way; our justifications, explanations and expectations. We revisit truth time and time again through our interactions. We find what truth is not and then discover what it is. We visit strategies for survival that bring us closer to truth. We dance between the boundaries of being limitless and creating boundaries in order to be the most expressed version of ourselves.

Truth gives life.

We all have a trauma story as part of our human experience. It’s odd that we think we will go unscathed in life and just how shocked we all are when injury–emotional or otherwise–occurs. Healers have been directed to treat the “wound”. I invite us all to ask, “What is the wound?” “Why must we treat it?”

The man who rapes, maims, kills, or is the source of destruction still breathes the same air that the most pious man breathes. Both men have can be caged by their minds. So, what makes one man act like an animal and another behave as a saint? Is it the wound? Or is it that one man has been renewed through the transformation of his mind?

We all have been assigned an animal that exists below our necks–our body. That body is animated with LFE and directed through impulse. Impulse can come from either instinct or inspiration. The delineating factor between the two is the individuals associated with the wound.

A healer draws truth out of the shadows, which, then gives the person receiving the healing the chance to evolve instinct into inspiration.

Each of us will require healing at the dawn of transitions in our lives such as divorce, breakup, disease, career change, becoming parents, as well as being forgiven for our sins. Bow to the guru within. Allow the healing in. Be human.


For assistance on your journey book your free introduction session now:




Why being Single Feels like S**t

Why being Single Feels like S**t


Being married doesn’t make you more legit than being single anywhere else in the world besides government.

The ceremony of a white dress,exchanging vows, and family gathered around will endure as a capstone in the evolution of our lives. However, some of us who have not yet had the experience of getting and being married feel like we are failing at life.

I’m going to out myself on this one and say that having made it to 38 years old without children, student loan debt, or a husband feels like both an accomplishment and like a failure. I’m like a virgin in the dating market, but I’ve been touched many, many times. Yet, no one has ever stuck around long enough to take the long walk down the aisle.

And I know I’m not alone. In fact, I’m guessing that there are a few other relationship therapists out there giving advice to couples about how to have a healthy relationship who have also never been married. We teach what we need to learn; each with our unique perspective.

So, to the point of married people getting tax breaks and access in hospitals, legislation is slow moving and oftentimes antiquated. Thanks to “The Gays” some structures have changed when it comes to permissions partners are given. But, I’m not a lawmaker and I don’t know much about that world. But, what I do know is the often devastating impact mental isolation can have on individuals who buy into the notion that they are less-than because they are single.

Don’t get me wrong, being single is isolating. The lone-wolves of this world have found a way to diminish feelings of discomfort by being hyper-independent. And as a recovering lone-wolf I will say, the hurt is still there.

Sleeping alone is great when it’s a rare occasion. But, when a whole decade goes by of sporadically sharing a bed with quasi-boyfriends and poor excuses for a lay, you just want to lay down and die. Eating out because it’s easier than cooking for yourself can be parlayed into the whimsical hobbie of being a “Foodie”. But, when you can’t work of the extra pounds or pay off the credit card bill from always going out as not just a source of sustenance but to curb loneliness, it can feel like living in an abyss. Interacting with artificial intelligence on dating sights to try to match you with someone with actual intelligence can make masturbation seem like the only smart thing to do.

There a lot of things we can do to distract ourselves from the terror “Dying alone.” Some people even beat death to the punch and become nihilists, goths, or republicans. Even democrats band together to try and make meaning of this life. But, government and political parties aside, what is it about being single that feel like shit?

Let’s just take a moment and have a collective sigh around the fact that even though there are good things about being single, it still feels like shit. I don’t want to be single. I want to have a partner that helps me grow our dreams. I want to give up the hunt for sex and just have sex with the person I like a lot. I want to go do things with someone who I trust and who makes me laugh. And while all directions point to self-love and being the person you want to be with, I have spent years cultivating better versions with me only to end up with me. It feels like shit.

You know why? Because every day we wake up to a rejecting world that delivers the message, you are special but not that special. Just think about the name of the industry that has supplanted organized religion as the bastion of salvation–self-help. It is organized around entropy. We are trained to reject ourselves and save ourselves at the same time.

We need relationships and we need to know, in a world of 8-billion people, how to have a successful and sustainable life-long relationship with a partner. In my years on this earth, I have learned a simple truth: When you ask for an outcome you get a process first. For the majority of inhabitants on this earth participating in a peaceful and healthy relationship is possible. But, it won’t happen for everyone in the same decade, at the same stage of life, contingent on the same socioeconomic status or geographic placement.

Some people will find the love of their life at 50 after three divorces and recovering from a drug addiction. Other people will get married out of high-school and die together never knowing what sex with another human felt like. A lot of us will have two or three significant relationships but spend most of our life being single. Those of us with pets may find that relationship more gratifying than with humans. Then there are the deviants whose function on this earth is to murder, rape, and terrorize. There are all different dimensions of relationship ranging from the emotionally sound to the pathologically mentally ill.

The mechanics of relationship most often displayed on in our culture are a mix of mental disorders and sensationalized drama. “Cut a bitch” is an actual phrase people use to express themselves when they feel their needs are going unmet.

There will be a level of life we settle in at and occupy for the majority of our lives. We can continue to change and grow if doing so is a priority. The only advice I can give to anyone is to take care of what is in front of you. If you reach a point in your life where you feel unsatisfied or even just disgusted by how things have been, then invest your time into making thing how you wish them to be. But, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. It won’t get you anywhere but upset, angry, and depressed.

Being single and being married both have their moments of bliss. But, if you compare one to the other both can feel like shit. So, as the saying goes, “Comparison is the thief of all joy.” Assess where you are, examine the choices that got you there, and if you want something different then find the person or system that can help create that for you by education on how. Learning soothes the ache of comparison and that’s legit!

Choose a Partner not a Project

Choose a Partner not a Project


Emotionally Unavailable.


These and other labels are often used as descriptors for relationships we engage in where one person is more attached than the other, one person is fixated on fixing the other, and one person feels a deep sense of remorse when the relationship ends while the other person remains unmoved. In fact, these type of relationships seem like they are a dime a dozen–easy to come by but difficult to let go of.

Why is this the case?

It’s because many of us equate intensity with love. In our stupor we choose people who are projects and not partners. What is the difference between the two? The process.

So, what is a partner?

No matter how spectacular they were or how horrible they seem, our parents are not our partners. They were our initial care givers. And here is where all of us mess up. We think that a partner is someone who will take care of us. Nope. A partner is someone who can fully support themselves, be emotionally articulate, and in addition to running their life can also include you in it as well.

A partner is someone you can depend upon who communicates clearly. They work with you in a way that improves both of your lives. In fact, partnership is an active state that both parties in the relationship contribute to. Each person has a vested interest in the other person’s well being. This often means non-interference in one another’s lives as a deep trust has been fostered between the two. Each person is an invitation to the other into expanded awareness.

While it’s true that a partner can demonstrate caring by performing remedial tasks such as laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and generating a steady income, that is not where his or her worth lies. When basic needs are attended to it does promote stability. But, the real treasure of having a partner is in the growth it inspires.

When we get married or join our lives with someone who is a partner, we often trade how we were raised for who we want to be in this lifetime. We are able to be reborn inside the relationship time and time again because we can trust that growth promotes the well-being of the couple. This brings us to the second huge mistake we all make when trying to “find” our partner.

We think, “I can’t be needy.”

The denial of our needs is the very thing that turns companionship into a competition. Denial of needs fosters anxiety that shows up as urgency.

When you find a partner it will feel peaceful. The urgency of “figuring it out” or “locking it down” will be replaced with a time of discovery. However, in the mad dash for resources and to come out ahead, we often approach relationships like a race. The less “needy” we pretend to be is supposed to promote efficiency. But it does the opposite. It actually complicates things.

When urgency is applied to partnership it becomes a project. In fact, most people default to their childhood upbringing as a measure of their potential mate. Project relationships begin with empty promises. A lot of them begin in the online dating market & we package ourselves as something we are not.

We price ourselves like items at a grocery store. Isle one–whores. Isle two–playboys. Isle three–intellectuals. Isle four–romantics. Isle five–pragmatists. Isle six–spiritually evolved. It’s a marketplace predicated on lies.

The primary lie is that “If I get a partner, it will make my life better.” And by “better” we mean more certain. In fact, studies have shown that only 15% of of the population is truly invested in personal growth. So, that means, for the other 85% relationships are where they go to die and fight about it on the way to their grave.

Women are often faulted with wanting to change their men. However, it could be said that men wanting women to be simple is also a gross amendment. People who get into project relationships come with a list of fixed needs and a fanciful idea of what a relationship is supposed to supply. It has plenty of sex to satisfy at least one person in the party. It has enough joy and happiness to last a lifetime. It takes little effort and should “just feel easy.” And above all else, each person will “just know they found the one.”

These and other rhetorical fallacies lead to a battle for power. The toilet seat being left up isn’t about the toilet seat–it is about “disrespect”. Dinner not being cooked is not about dinner–it is about not being seen. Lack of sex isn’t about lack of sex–it’s that pleasure has become a burden. Coming home from work on time isn’t about coming home from on work on time–it is about trusting in the fidelity of the relationship. Getting tested for STI’s isn’t just about the health of the body—it is about loyalty. But, in a relationship that is a project, people don’t talk about the underlying issues.

Women become bitches and men become distant. Or men become possessive assholes and women become manipulative seducers. Each person just picks away at surface issues. “Why are you wearing that?” “You are getting fat.” “How much money do you make?” Since what is being felt isn’t being spoken both people in the relationship are totally unsatisfied. Some people deal with this by jumping from one short term fling to the next. Others grit it out over twenty years until “the kids are grown” and then get divorced. Both parties become jaded with no escape from their insatiable lust. It’s hell on earth.

So how do you pick a partner and not a project?

In a word–Aliveness.

Anyone or anything that sucks your energy is a fucking waste of time. I can’t be any more clear than this. If you are spending more than five minutes wondering “Why didn’t he text?” If you are on the phone with your girlfriends saying things like, “If he would just do this one thing, then things would be great.” If your mind is on overdrive on “how to fix this” then you are not with a partner. The marker of partnership is clear and open communication from day-fucking-one!

You say what you mean and mean what you say. You are responsive to one another. You check in and fill each other in on your day. You give each other space to be individuals. You grow together through your diversity. And you actively let go of the past.

A project relationship is like dating the walking dead. We all have fetishes and dating emotional zombies might be one of yours. But, if you want to knock that shit off and actually inhabit your life, you must be invested in your personal growth. You must be willing to give all you are to your relationships: your calling, your career, your passions, your sex life, your love life, your spiritual practice, and to your partnership. This requires expanding beyond the edges of “how life should be.”

So, if you feel more alive, expansive, supported, and awake in a relationship chances are it is a partnership. But, if you feel drained, confused, angry, or frustrated chances are you picked a project. The choice is yours.


The Journey of a Broken-Hearted Man

The Journey of a Broken-Hearted Man

There is a secret men are keeping from women.

In fact, this privileged information often lingers at the edge of awareness and can only be truly understood once actions devolve into consequences.

It’s not that men are keeping something from us women as we so often think they are when we prompt them to “Tell us what you are thinking.” The answer is binary. It’s either “nothing” or some mitigated overwhelm of racing thoughts jumbled up with ubiquitous emotions.

Simply, at his core, a man is not as complicated as women make them out to be. However, add heartbreak to the mix and even the most conscious evolved man becomes lost.


Good Thing:

In fact, I think it is fair to say, there is one energy that can change a man–and it is that of a woman who knows her worth. Hear me. When a man loves a woman he has a purpose. As the lyric says, “He would trade the world for the good thing he found.” In the Bible–the book of books–Proverbs 18:22 says that, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and receives favor from the LORD.”

The journey begins here–between the love of a man and a woman. Of course there are different configurations and for the sake of brevity, we will peer into this man’s journey.


The Search is Over:

Each person wakes to promises made and promises kept. The day unfolds and vows are  renewed with each chore completed. He might even call this “family life.” Sure, he longs for the great adventure that lives inside of us all–the whale and the Captan. But, in some strange way, remaining content is the adventure. He feels steady and certain of his choices. It mostly goes unspoken, yet he feels respected. There is a cadence to the disagreements that happen. But, he does not feel alarmed. It’s smooth sailing. Sex is good. Work is paying the bills. Friends meet at the gym. Everything is okay, until it’s not.


Everything is Okay:

Sure, there were some arguments that didn’t get finished. Yes, there were those few days where he didn’t feel physically good but didn’t think anything of it. Yes, work was taking more and more of his time. But, he didn’t notice. He just showed up and did what he needed to do. Of course, he complained to his drinking buddies and by daylight, all was forgotten. Then, sex didn’t feel quite the same. It’s not that there was less of it, but there was something missing. She noticed more than he did. She didn’t say anything. Then she did say something. Then she wouldn’t stop saying things. Then she suggested therapy. He felt defensive. He felt insufficient. He felt like therapy was making things worse, like he was being ganged up on by the therapist. A indescribable but visceral dissatisfaction set in. He pushed through it by remembering the days when everything was calm and steady. Sure, drinking and jerking off had increased but it seemed justified given the pressure he was under. His watching porn was easy and it wasn’t hurting anyone anyway.


The Shock:
Little did he know, that the most excruciating pain of his life was about to surface. The relationship, the partnership, the companionship, the challenge of being a better man with a purpose came to an end. She left.

She is going to be okay. It’s going to hurt like hell for her with an immediacy he won’t experience. She will talk to friends, join a gym, and find herself again. On the surface, he will show signs of stress, he may even cry, he may look unaffected, but the truth is, he is falling into an abyss.

It’s not that she was everything, it’s just that all the things he had to do to get her, all the rejection he had to go through, and all the insecurities he tempered to be in that relationship are back with a vengeance. Emotions feel like a sarcophagus because a death has happened and his only chance at resurrection is another woman.

The instinct that was tamed by purpose now runs wild. It is ruthless and will even turn on him in the darkest hours of the day. Work is still work. Food, sex, porn, hobbies, and the trappings of life serve as distractions to the devastation. But, what this man doesn’t know is that he has left his body on autopilot. The lights are on but nobody’s home.


Return to the Hunt:

So, he loads an app on his phone and begins to hunt. Not quite sure what he is searching for but leaning on the believe he will know when he finds it, minutes of the day slip by one swipe at a time. He could buy sex if he needed to, but it hasn’t come to that. In this space, he is not quite sure if he is predator or prey.

The phone screen lights up. A match is made and a texting conversation begins. He doesn’t want to come off as a creep because that will hurt his odds. By some miracle, she agrees to a date. He knows he just wants to get laid. But, he is surprised by how charming and sweet she is. A familiar attraction stirs, followed by fear.

Much of this goes unacknowledged as he is focusing his energy on trying to be interesting. Then a few hours pass, and nothing happens. He feels deflated, goes home, jerks off, and goes to sleep convinced, it was her and not him.

Weeks go by with scattered matches, no real results and increasing frustration. He can’t forget about his ex but has too much pride to contact her. Even when they do talk, a numbness like London fog fills his body. Months pass, a few short relationships come and go having reached their crechendo with the phrase, “I’m just not ready for a relationship.”

The scars of being ghosted one to many times don’t even register because he is guilty of the same cowardly behavior. Motivational videos seem to have a temporary effect just as watching sports does. It feels good to have money, but worthless at the same time.

Dating becomes an exchange of lies. He pretends to be ready and she pretends to be unassuming and easy to be with. He feels afraid to let her in and she starts losing interest. He feels restless and thinks about changing his job, reads adventure magazines, and to the outside world looks well adjusted.


The Secret:

The secret that he is blissfully unaware of is that everything he is doing to keep it light and easy, to have a no drama relationship, and to stay detached is killing him.


Die To Yourself:

And from this women to that man, go ahead a die. You sir, are a decrepit waste of time. You are a lesson we women have learned over and over like rape at a college party. It’s not consensual. It is something we workout after the fact. The secret is that until you can reconnect to the feminine essence, the war between us will kill us all.  No one will remember your journey beyond the hidden scars passed down from one generation to the next. But, legends are made from brave hearts and the lifeblood that flows in them comes from her.


Returning Home:

Look into a woman’s eyes and realize that you won’t know who you are without her; that your very existence is meaningless without her essence. Battle the terror of being rejected until you are unaffected to the point that the treasure you gained from that fight becomes the kingdom you gift women with.

Women love men who love us. We love you for loving us. But, the liars, the infantilized fools who chace vagina for redemption can go to hell. Your disembodied corps can take your death elsewhere because it is no secret that you require a woman to come back to life.

Reverence for Life:   

Show a little respect. Rather than just take from us, take your time with us. Trade the world for the good thing you have. She can be your friend. She can be your lover. She can and has been your mother.

But, if you cannot wake up to the good thing in front of you, she will be your undoing and your journey will end with nothing to show for it but wreckage.

The Mechanics of Manifestation.

The Mechanics of Manifestation.

Sometimes we cannot see what is right in front of us.

Sometimes we cannot hear the truth being spoken. Sometimes we cannot receive the message transmitted in still moments. Why? It’s because we are distracted by the motives of greed and arrogance which then makes objects of everything and results in us being jaded. So, if you feel an adverse reaction to the word manifestation, it may be because of how it has become subversed through commerce to lust.

This article will not make sense to those who lust for things because the Mechanics of Manifestation (MOM) cannot be relegated to only objects. Rather, it is the process and not the outcome that yields the most fruit. So, let us explore the mechanisms of manifestation one by one until we can then order them into a mechanical process that organizes our desires into form.


Have you ever wondered why one person draws such delight from slaving away in a Kitchen to create gourmet food and another person can take that meal and translate it into a stunning review? Yet, each participant would balk at investing in the other’s task.

There is a uniqueness to our desires, which are curated over a lifetime. Like genius and species there are clusters of individuals with similar desires and distinct classifications of those desires. There are millions of bakers in the world. Some of them are professionals while others are novices. There are millions of food critics in the world. Some of them are featured in high profile magazines while others have a few dozen people who follow their blog.

Desires are scalable in that some are fleeting while others remain consistent through a lifetime. Artists are good examples of this. There are some that dabble in various media while there are others who commit to a craft come famine or feast. Neither is better than the other as each individual entertained the desire to be an artist concurrent with their capacity to house the discomfort, uncertainty, and pain that came with it.


Many of us know the concept that “Desire leads to suffering.” I would like to amend this and say denial of desire leads to pain and the denial of that pain results in suffering. In word–capacity. There is innate capacity and earned capacity. By virtue of the cultures we are born into as well as the bodies we grow into, there is a set baseline of capacity. A 6’4 nordic viking type will move through the world differently than a 5’4 fat Italian woman. Life and people will respond to them differently as well but through their life experiences they could develop a similar internal ecosystems of grit, suspicion, and humor. But, here is the distinction between the two, one will be able to metabolize pain and grow from it while the other will slowly shut down until they become a dead inside. The deciding factor is who has the capacity to recognize a desire as a beacon of something that wants to come into manifested form and then respond to that flicker of imagination by undertaking the journey through pain, uncertainty, and growth in order to live in the realization of their unique desire. A lot of people are too chicken-shit to even try.


In the Bible, the book of James chapter two verse twenty-six really sums up an important mechanism of manifestation:

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

Face your fears. Grow or die. Get off your ass and do something. Don’t just talk about it, be about it. Simply, take action in the direction of your destiny. The body that has been gifted to you is a temple. Your mouth is the alter. It is to be adorned with offerings. But, we curse it through comparison. We diminish it with judgement. We become paralyzed in our ignorance. Light the incense and watch the smoke turn to vapor. This is your dream expanding out to the edges of the universe and inviting all who are in sync with it to participate. The fire that ignites the sweet smoke can burn you if not focused. Please understand this metaphor as, “Be willing to learn what you don’t know and unlearn what you do know.” The way to do this is by engaging with life, being responsible, and staying embodied.

The Body

The only reason we require anything is because we have a body. Spirit does not need money. Spirit does not need food. Spirit does not need resources because it is source. But, the body, in it’s aliveness, requires a symphony of molecular interactions to occur simultaneously, if for nothing more than to perpetuate itself. The notion of wanting an outcome has an ionizing force to it. It is charged. It sets the body in motion. So, for us to truly bring a thought into being there must be emotions behind it. We must feel deeply connected to the time-space-continuum required by the body-mind to organize itself around the desire. An army of one with no weapons will lose against an trained fleet. That is to say, the isolating nature of arrogance and greed will kill us. It is only in being a servant that we can be set free to have the fullness of our experiences which are also an expression of who we truly are.

Alignment with Self

The final mechanism of manifestation remains a mystery because we don’t have the language to fully assimilate “Self.” It is both ubiquitous and unique. Yet, the simple truth remains that when we are fully ourselves we then have boundless energy to create. In fact, money is just the symbol we use for our capacity to create our reality. Our bodies are evidence of our habits. The lives we live are evidence of our beliefs. Alignment with our Self will prove as an expression of unabashed art.

The Mechanics.

When we have a desire visit us, it is meant for us. It is a love letter from the great mystery of existence requesting form and structure from our being. Each desire is mercurial. It inhabits its host as a guest but can become volatile if not attended to with care. The care given to it is contingent upon the host’s capacity to be aware that a desire is a directive. If the host’s primary motive is lust, it will be evident by a disgraceful and empty life. However, if the host has acquired the ability to invite pain in and let it clear out stagnant beliefs, then the host of desire will be animated by aliveness. That is to say desires met with the unwelcome overture of “What can I get from this?” will murder it’s host and rob them of life. But, for those who say, “What can I give to this?” life will be renewed through the blessings of pleasure and pain.
This soiree of transmutation of thought to form happens through the body. So, if you desire an outcome be willing to give your body as tribute. Stand firmly in gratitude for the perfection of where you are just as much as standing in the affirmation of what is coming into realization. Be a willing vessel that invites abundance into it through declaring what is yours.


For Example, I had a conversation with a lover who became a enemy that planted a seed for me to own my own lodge in Montana. I was wholly unaware of this concept until it was delivered to me through someone who I’ve come to despise.

But, there is such a purity to this dream that the vehicle in which it came does not matter. I know by virtue of this coming into awareness all the events required to realize it are also being organized through my willingness to undergo the journey of learning that will then result in me owning my lodge in Montana. Part of this journey was being purified through the pain of becoming attached to someone who was only a project and not a partner. It yielded blessings I could not have predicted.

So, the path to our manifestations isn’t always a direct one but I know through faith and works I will be living in Montana as soon as I am ready to be responsible for that life. When life has taken me through the lessons to the point I am ready to be a good steward of the blessings given, then I will be able to own my home–The Freedom Lodge.

I’ll not only have a place I can root, I will also have all the money required to effectively operate retreats, host Freedom Ministries, and administer the medicine of wild & free aliveness.

So, I say to you, have your desires but know they are directives for you to be of service. Have faith but don’t only have faith–take action. Keep a journal of your progress. Ask questions. Learn the technologies needed to strengthen your capacity to expand into your most creative and generative expression of who you be.

The mechanics of manifestation are delivered by processing through the mechanisms of desire, pain, trying, the body, and alignment with self. Declare it, and it will be so.

Dear Online Dating…

Dear Online Dating…

How many of us have tried online dating only to feel disappointment with the process? It’s not that it doesn’t work. It does. And each online relationship begins by having to sort through who wants to hookup, who doesn’t, and the basic getting to know you interview that mostly peters out after a few texts. Yet, apps are always there. Not everyone tries online dating. But, for those that do, we know how it can be used with benevolent and nefarious intent.

This is the first of a series of letters I’m sharing because I know the emotions that are coupled with not being in a couple. I know the desire to find my life partner only to come up short one swipe at at time. And I want you to know, you are not alone.

What if you could choose something different that reactive relationships? What if you could have healthy love? Would you know how to choose it?

Listen, most of us take time to arrive at a point in our lives where we feel truly free–limitless even. We have to fight through layers of old beliefs and opinions. Yet something inside of all of us knows that we are meant to have what belongs to us. We are meant to create, to love, to have friends, to travel, to have money, to have lots of money and to live free. We need more than an app for that.

We need true connection and that is what Breakup Rehab and Freedom Elite Counseling provide. If you’ve not signed up for your free consultation do so now.

Yes Please!

Click this: http://bit.ly/BRXCO


Use Yoga to Heal a Broken Heart

Use Yoga to Heal a Broken Heart

Yoga and Breakup

“Down dog! Sit! Stay! That’s how most of us feel about our thoughts and feelings after a breakup. We’d much rather lay on the sofa and look at yoga poses much less do them. But, here’s the thing, in order to be able to eat, sleep, and function like a sane human you have to “get on the mat”.

Before we talk about exactly what poses you need to do in order to get immediate relief from you breakup, I want to talk to you about yoga.

The west got it’s grips on yoga back in the 1920’s when Paramahansa Yogananda came to the US and founded the Self-realization Center, in Encinitas, California. Yoga wasn’t about “cute butts” and lululemon pants back then. And the type of yoga you will be doing to heal isn’t about that now either. It’s a spiritual path.

Yoga means to “yoke together” mind, body, and soul. The moment that yoga stops being just exercise and starts being the sum of your parts is when you have to bring dedicated attention to the details of the practice such as how you splay your fingers, the quality of your breath, the nuance of each movement from one pose to the next.

One focused sun salutation can take up to twenty-minutes if all the parts of the movement are slowed down and connected to fully. It removes us from the hurried pace of taking the magnificent animal that is our body for granted. Just ten seconds of uninterrupted attention shifts the chemistry of our body from reactive to receptive.

And for you to get through the fucking torment of your breakup you are going to need to be receptive. In fact, if you aren’t you will make false judgments and conclusions that result in dysfunctional behavior. I know the goddamn articles online talking to you about “loving yourself” or “using your breakup to become better.”

Listen, we all suck and we all are gods. You don’t need to “become better.” What is required now is awareness. That awareness will be curated and incorporated in your life though yoga. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about yoga because every time you practice that is a new experience that demands your full awareness.

So, the first thing I’m going to have you do is to breathe deep. This is the foundation of yoga—the breath.

Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force.

Begin with three-part breath.

  1. Sit up with an erect spine (I also laugh when I read the word erect).
  2. Roll your shoulders down and back opening up your chest a bit.
  3. Now inhale feeling your belly push out (The beer belly look on purpose).
  4. Then feel your ribs expand while your chest rises.
  5. This breath will drag along the back of your throat and through your sinus passages, which makes it sound a bit like waves.
  6. If you are confused watch this video I googled to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwFy62iU5uE

Okay, if you did this for even 3 minutes you can be done for the day and go back to your self-loathing. Or  you can dive a little deeper and practice Maitri.

Maitri is a type of loving-kindness meditation. In fact you don’t even have to practice it right away. You can just take five minutes to watch Pema Chödrön explaining it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiLH6es4_d8

That can be enough for today as long as you commit to do this every day. You commit to practice attention to your breath and Maitri. I taught yoga for 3 years. So, if you want deeper guidance into the practice one pose at a time, one principal at a time, and one moment at a time please reach out to me to set up a consultation.

Also, I’ve requested various yoga studios and teachers leave their comments below so that you can choose a studio near you and use yoga to navigate your breakup.

I love you so much dear soul. You belong here. Your continued breath is proof of that. Tend to it and it will give you gifts you never thought were possible.


I also encourage you to join my email list so that you can get tips on how to use yoga to heal your breakup and many other amazing tools that provide you with immediate relief as well as the ability to turn your pain into power.


Transform in 2018: Choose Intimacy

Transform in 2018: Choose Intimacy

What is simple in the spiritual realms often translates as challenge in the physical plane.

As a psychic, medium, and channel I often receive messages like this when working with clients. The beauty is as I’m “reading” for someone else I’m also being informed.

I’ve heard it echoed in conversations that 2017 was a bitch of a year; one that many of us do not want to replicate in 2018. Of course no one year defines a life but rather casts light on the direction it is going.

My life has two different shades to it depending on the perspective. At first blush it’s been a life of freedoms and synchronicities. I’ve had the ability to travel the United States several times over. In fact, I’m on the precipice of moving my things into storage and living out of a van for the next three months while I go on tour to promote my book. Although, when it comes to being successful by conventional standards, I’ve continued to fall short. I currently am living off my credit card and have a very small nest egg. I’m not married. I don’t have children. I’m not part of a religious institution. I am not politically active.

Just today, after a night of tossing and turning from overdosing on caffeine, I woke and returned to the substance again. You see, transition often stirs emotions that require tending to. But, I’ve already spend a majority of 2017 in emotional paralysis; mostly because I didn’t slow down enough to become intimate with it. Rather I took the convenient route of eating my feelings, loathing my body, anesthetizing my torment with coffee and distracting my mind with social media.

I suffered through yet another breakup this year because rather than take the time to get to know the chap it took one hour to decide to say yes to “tea”, which turned out to mean sex. This resulted in bonding with someone who was ill equipped for a stable relationship that would grow into a lifetime of memories. Rather, it was built on the foundation of civility giving way to entropy. Simply, we bonded through sex but fell apart in every other form of communication. Therefore, true intimacy became impossible and, as such, the relationship transformed into a vapid hole of unfulfilled desire.

Then ache set in. This is the kind of pain one can only identify as abandonment. It extends beyond feeling separate or banished or even outcast. But, rather than address it or even be present enough for it to come into awareness I chose convenience over intimacy. The continued suppression that comes with distraction has its consequences.

As winter set in, even in sunny California, my life began to freeze. Money trickled in as past expenditures piled up. My bed was occupied by only my body but often times my soul would remain absent. I became an emotional contortionist and a bit of a character in the process. Further, in the darkness I was also tasked with being a beacon of light to my clients.

It was pure torture. My days and nights were full of torment. And if faith were a meal meant to satiate torment, that meal would be communion. The bread as the body of Christ. The wine as the blood. Not enough to fill one’s stomach but enough to cleanse one’s soul. A soul that had been suppressed by an obsession with comfort, stability, and convenience.

Often times a new choice is made available only after the suffering from redundancy becomes unbearable. My continued seeking for a husband, a perfect body, a full bank account, and a life of luxury removed me from the sacred space called intimacy; for everything I was seeking after was also coupled with a judgement that I was less than enough because I didn’t have that which I had judged as salvation.

There is nothing inherently wrong with beauty or an aesthetic predicated on luxury. There is nothing right about it either. Yet we often offer worship to transient idols that in return for our devotion curse us with the compulsion to rob ourselves of joy through comparison. In doing so, we diminish our capacity to receive grace and enter into an intimate space.

It would be natural to assume that choosing convenience corrupts the soul and that the alternative answer is to choose intimacy. What is inherent in this logic is the very notion that corrupts each of us, which is believing that life has an answer at all. Rather it is a string of experiences that turn into lessons that becomes stories and at times teachings.

That is to say, what is simple in the spiritual realm is complicated in the human experience because in the process of distillation of thought into form the ego seeks for convenience and efficiency over preparation and intimacy. So, the lesson here lies in how we choose.

Like DNA, 2017 will replicate in 2018 unless it is coded differently. Intimacy requires one to be of healthy mind, body, and spirit. In order to do this we must take the time to learn how to have intimate relationships not only with others but also with food, money, our bodies, and our spiritual practices. For example, an intimate relationship with money requires us to communicate clearly with it by keeping a ledger, choosing wise investments, cleaning up past expenditures, and engaging in ethical transactions. Just paying the bills is a relationship of convenience.  Intimacy requires investment.

No matter the arena—finance, sex, health, wealth, abundance or spirituality that investment is that of time. And so, as we close out the chapters of our past and look towards the future once more we all have a choice to make—convenience or intimacy.

I’ve walked through fire and I know how to guide you back home. To truly change your life book a consultation now.

The Best Thing I’ve Read on RELATIONSHIP Ever!

The Best Thing I’ve Read on RELATIONSHIP Ever!

Excerpt from:


If you feel like you are going to fall in love with someone, hold yourself back, keep your eyes open. This is a very important learning and very necessary for you to become mature and wise. To be swept along by impressions and infatuations, to allow yourself to be seduced by others, to be overtaken by beauty, wealth or charm is such a form of self-betrayal. It is such a dangerous involvement. It has such profoundly difficult and unfortunate consequences.

You have to be very careful here. Who you associate with and how you associate with them has all the bearing for your life and the kind of life you have and the opportunities you have. Likewise, do not become sexually engaged with anyone unless it represents a real partnership for you, for sexuality is a commitment by its very nature. You may think of it as a casual involvement, but emotionally it is never casual. Your relationship will never be the same. And if it cannot fulfill itself at a greater level, it will be disappointing, and that will generate resentment and failed expectations, disappointment.

You can not always just be a friend with someone who was once a lover, for you have crossed a threshold where you are pretending to be in a real relationship even though perhaps you never were. Sexuality is wonderful with the right person and damaging with the wrong person. Never treat this lightly. Never think of this as a casual, recreational kind of involvement. To your body it is the real thing. To your emotions it is serious because it is consequential.

Here you may have to hold yourself back and learn to restrain yourself, or you will give yourself away recklessly, hopelessly and cause great damage. And as a result, you will never know what is really true within yourself.

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How to Heal Your Heart-Wreck

How to Heal Your Heart-Wreck

How many heart wrecks have you been in?

We often crash vehicles do to carelessness or accidents. But, how often do we crash our heart and cause our minds whip-lash? It takes time and dedicated healers to restore injuries from car-wrecks and heart-wrecks. Today we are going to focus on heart-wrecks.

A heart wreck is when you allow something or someone other than God to possess you—to be the central focus of your life.  You see, God has a plan and path for our lives but often times through hubris we take detours and attempt short-cuts.

Assume that we allow someone or something to drive us around. We give up control to another flawed, broken, afraid human being and hand him or her the keys. Where do you think that will takes us? Down the road of being flawed, broken, and afraid. But, what if your heart—your engine—was fueled by more than connection with another human? What life could you live then?

Our hearts are like the engine of the vehicle that is our bodies and our brains are the transmission. We need both to work before there is movement. God is what fuels the heart. The relationship to our Higher-power or creator is the healing connection called salvation. People will come and go out of your life and you have no control over it. Physical death and the death of relationships have broken us all. We are all hurt, in pain, and hoping for salvation.

I’ve made the mistake of wishing that a man would rescue me. I have wished that I could go back to being a child whose parents managed the responsibilities of life. My heart has shut off and therefore cut off fuel to my body. Without fuel the transmission/mind cannot shift gears. It remains frozen.

Pain, sorrow, regret, fear, anger, jealousy, malice, revenge, and the lot cut us off from our source of fuel. We are crippled like an abandon car on the side of the road. All the other cars pass it by and eventually it gets towed and demolished. But, there is hope of restoration.

The 12 steps of CoDA and of Breakup Rehab restore our connection with our higher-power and put us back in the driver seat. We understand our well-being is the top priority and swiftly exit relationships that do not support us in our goals. The top priority in restoration is surrendering our lives to God or our Higher-Power.

Without this relationship all roads lead to a dead end. We can feel temporary happiness but joy everlasting comes from our relationship with God and surrendering to his guidance for our lives. We drive the path that has been paved just for us.

So, on this day, no matter what you are struggling with or where you are at in your breakup journey, know that there is a force bigger than you that cares for you and our well-being. God will bring you joy that you can never achieve when someone else is in the driver seat.

Join the Breakup Rehab prayer group, the book club, and the support group to develop your relationship with your higher-power and experience coming home.


Five Reasons We Breakup & How to Fix Them.

Five Reasons We Breakup & How to Fix Them.


The number one reason we breakup is because of a breakdown in communication. This is a big one and while there are little things we can do to improve our communication, that doesn’t always mean there is a quick fix.


The second major reason for a breakup is financial issues. If someone earns more money and hasn’t agreed to be as sugar daddy or sugar mama, then resentment can build up causing a split.


The third reason a breakup happens is because someone was unfaithful. FOMO and YOLO (fear of missing out & you only live once) can extubate a person’s drive to cheat.  And the number one reason for the third reason we breakup is because under the motivation to cheat is the fear of not being enough.

Unrealistic Expectations

The forth variable that a causes a breakup is someone has unrealistic expectations. A lot of us are taught to create lists of our ideal mates. A sense of humor tends to be on top of both men and women’s lists because we both need it to deal with a real relationship and not an ideal one. But, when someone has unrealistic expectations, they want their partner to be attune to them at all times and predict their needs like a mother would, then it often exhausts both people in the relationship, which is no laughing matter.


The fifth reason for a breakup is that there just isn’t enough chemistry to keep it interesting. Connection cannot be fabricated. It can be faked for a while because there are other redeeming qualities in one’s mate. But, “not feel’n it” is enough to end it.

The Fix

In a word—education.

“Talk to me not at me.”

I’m a counselor and even with all the information I gained in graduate school, I still have a difficult time communicating my boundaries, wants, and needs to my partner. That being said, everything I have learned makes the fights shorter, more manageable, and turn conflict into an opportunity to grow.

So, if you withdraw during conflict, avoid discomfort, get angry quickly, or do any of the dumb behaviors us humans do when we perceive a real or imagined threat then there is a tool you can learn to fix communication issues. It is called Non-violent communication.

The essence of NVC is the phrase, “When you do this it makes me feel this.”

Once we learn to express our thoughts and feelings in a healthy way, we can then graduate to learning how to speak the language of money.

“Talk dollars and sense.”

If we are unwilling to keep a budget, do accounting, track our spending, and invest wisely, then we cannot speak the language of money well. Instead we will only talk about it in the terms of having it or spending it.

Financial issues are based in emotional issues. So, in order to fix a break down in the bank account, it is best to work with a financial and clinical professional that can help teach the skills needed and to address the underlying emotions.

“I do.”

Infidelity can also be solved with education in that we make agreements in relationship—some of them implicit and some overt. The simplest rule of thumb in a closed relationship or an open one is just don’t cheat. Don’t do it. Don’t violate the agreement.

But, humans are stupid sometimes and ruled by basic instincts. So, knowing how to transition a relationship from monogamous partnership to polyamorous relating is also a skill that can be learned. Further, managing the emotions of envy and jealousy in a relationship can also be learned by reading books such as the Ethical Slut or Dear Lover.

“I don’t ever want to grow up.”

Many of us carry the programing of, “If you loved me then you would just know how to make me happy.” The spoiled child inside of us, the neglected child, or something in-between carries with in it the fantasy of the perfect care-giver.

And we need to learn how to parent ourselves unlike our parents did. We need to be able to identify what patterns are functional in our lives and which ones perpetuate dysfunction. Learning how to tend to our inner-child is a life-long journey that requires a spiritual practice to master.

“Like peas and carrots again.”  

Lastly, there is the issue of unbalanced chemistry in a relationship. Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the imbalance of life-force energy. That being said, chemistry is something we can’t learn. We either have it or we don’t. But, we can learn to not place a complete emphasis on our feelings as guides to whether to stay with someone or leave them.

Instead, we need to find a balance between our logic and our emotions. Working with a TCM practitioner is a good way to bring harmony to the body and soul. And a TCM practitioner can be a good mentor guiding their patient to choose foods, movements, and meditations that are unique to their disposition.

So, to review the tools needed to help us navigate the narrow shores of staying in a relationship or getting out of it are: Non-violent communication, a financial and emotional counselor, researching books on the topic of closed and open relationships, making a spiritual practice a habit, and working with a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

A relationship is like a recipe. It needs the right ingredients to come out well. The key ingredient in creating a healthy relationship is making sure each person is invested in educating themselves about the issues.

After five years working with couples and individuals who are going through breakups, the best advice I can give is don’t wait on the other person to teach you what you need to know. Be proactive. Be compassionate. And the breakdowns that lead to breakups can then transform into breakthroughs.

Oh, and having the right instructor helps as well!

Are insecurities screwing up Your relationship?

Are insecurities screwing up Your relationship?

When we are single it is common to be provoked by loneliness as it whispers in your year, “You are unlovable”.

Of course the solution seems to be, “Just get in a relationship and it will all work out.” But, then there is the issue of finding, entering, and maintaining the “right” relationship for us.

To be clear, insecurities not only screw up romantic relationships but also screw up the one relationship we are guaranteed to have our whole life—the one with our Self. We get bored of being “in something” too long. So, when single for lengthy periods of time—certain insecurities find a way into our psyches in the form of questions that are laced with a certain urgency.

Single Life:

When will I meet “my person”?

How do I lose weight?

How do a I gain muscle?

How do I make more money (so I will be more attractive)

How can I be sexually desirable?

I wonder what my ex is up to?

What am I doing with my life?

And the daunting question that grips us all from time to time is, “Who am I?” Insecurities would have you believe you are too much, not enough, not lovable, ugly, lame, stupid, small, insignificant, and basically worthless.

The insecurities that give rise to these questions mess up your relationship with your Self because built into every insecurity is a prompting to seek external validation. Insecurities are all the areas we are cut off from feeling whole. We can’t access our Self. So, when we can’t stand to be with our Self we often choose events, objects, and relationships that perpetuate our disembodiment.

Nowhere is the impact of insecurities more noticeable than when in romantic partnership.  When dating, a whole other set of questions arise from our insecurities.

Dating Life:

Can I be with someone better?

Do the really like me?

Are they cheating on me?

Are they going to leave?

What can I do to make my partner stay?

How to I be more attractive to my partner (so they won’t leave me)?

Is my partner a narcissist or has some mental disorder (because they don’t get me)?

I’ve heard it said that perfection doesn’t have company. This means that when in relationship it is easy to think that if your partner could change in some way that would make him or her closer to your ideal then life would just be peachy. This will screw you up because no partner is perfect. Therefore, those who seek for perfection can expect to be lonely. And most of us run after perfection to cope with our insecurities.

It has also been said that intelligent people have the most sophisticated coping mechanisms and therefore blind spots.  We simply can’t see how our insecurities are screwing up our relationship. We want to be loved for all of who we are but we can’t love who we all are. We are selective and divisive and afraid. We’d like to that we know what we are dong—but we don’t. And insecurities seek for answers when in reality life is just one long question.

So, how do you know if insecurities are messing up your relationship?

The simple measure that can be used to answer if insecurities are screwing up your relationships—single or dating or married or some fluid thing—is to ask yourself, “Am I at peace?” “Does this thought bring me peace?’ “If I look back on today from the vantage point of a year from now, will this action that seems so important to take bring me peace?”

It is so easy to be motivated by money, lust, greed, gluttony, pride, entitlement, and to forget that the greatest riches we can experience come to us through relationships. Insecurities have us focus on what is wrong, bad, or rotten in our lives. We become reactive.

So, the next time you feel urgent to stop being single, ask, “Will this bring me peace?” The next time you want to criticize your partner or you begin to judge them as wrong ask, “Does this bring me peace?” The peace that passes understanding allows insecurities the space to expand until they dissolve.

So, if you find that insecurities are screwing up your relationships, take a breath, take inventory, give yourself some space and time, and make a choice to be at peace.

The 3 Part Formula to Find “Your Person”.

The 3 Part Formula to Find “Your Person”.

I imagine a situation where the blue light of the computer is filling a dimly lit room, there has been a somewhat frantic internet search happening for the last hour, and nothing particular has shifted, yet a sense of groundlessness has taken hold.

We do this. We feel lonely. And much like some physical anomaly we would look up on WebMD; we turn to the web to try and help us untangle our mixed emotions.

If the search for answers has been fueled by the question, “How do I find my person?” there are normally some significant variables involved. For instance, we can date pretty good people, average people, and sometimes just use people as substitutes like we use sweets for “nutritional” purposes.  And in the instant we realize that there could be someone better “out there” we go searching for, “How to find a better person than the person who I am with; who is actually just filling a gap in my life because I’m lost and afraid to admit it or I just don’t have it in me to face my insecurities.”

There is a formula for that.

Sometimes our search for another person who will become your person has less to do with wanting a better relationship and more to do with just not wanting to be single any more. Once almost every show on Netflix has been watched, once the dating app world becomes redundant, and it’s too soon to be a crazy cat lady or lone wolf in the woods, it is next to impossible not to wonder, “Where is my person?”

There is a formula for that too.

I’m also aware of the people who had their person and are not wondering how to find them, but rather asking how the lost them. In this case, we can wonder, “How could my person find something new?

There is a formula for that as well.

We get hit hard when we are with not quite the right fit, lonely for too long, or had a good thing going only to watch it leave. No matter where we find ourselves on the dating spectrum the crux of the formula is to find ourselves.


  1. Be in the moment:

We want things we seemingly can’t have. Anticipation creates more pleasure in the body than satiation. So, the initial component of the three step formula for finding your person is to learn how to let the moment fill us—how to become ripe with pleasure and embolden by pain.

We want life to be reliable but not too predictable. So, we keep busy. If we are to let the moment fill us we cannot “Wear busyness as a badge” as Brene Brown says.

A full breath must be reveled in. We are still breathing. About half the portion of food that we ingest can fill us if we pause for two seconds with each bite and taste the bounty of flavor in something as simple as a ripe strawberry. Our muscles have a chance to sing out in celebration from a simple cat-like stretch as an acknowledgement for the unending work required of them.

Yes, each moment is full of miracles if only we can pause for two seconds—just enough time to notice them. Then another two seconds—just enough time to recognize the simple miracles unfolding. Then another two seconds—just enough time to appreciate the fullness of the moment. Then another two seconds—just enough time to mourn the moments passing and be filled up by the cycle of birth and death in a matter of seconds.

Simply, when searching for our person, be mindful of all the moments on the journey to the destination.

2. Take the Journey

This initial part of the three step formula can take a life-time to master. So, the concurrent initiative is to enjoy the journey. The formula isn’t one that goes in order. It runs parallel. It intersects with conflicting desires. It is in the foreground and background. And we forget all about it when we buy into the belief that finding our person will mean something. It doesn’t. It is just a part of the journey. We come across all sorts of people in our lives; each of them offers a unique contribution.

So, when we start to make our person significant we make them a destination and even an object. An object is something we can own—temporarily. Therefore, in addition to being drunk with the miracles that happen in the moment we also need to set each moment free by enjoying the journey.

3. Remember what matters.

Lastly, the third part of the formula echoes the first two parts in that, “Everything matters. Nothing matters.” Enjoy the moment or don’t. Sink into it or speed past it. Focus on the now or something else.

The truth is that in our search for a formula, a person, an object, or an experience is really the search for how we can become more of who we are. We long to be at home in our bodies while simultaneously defending against our bodies decay. And we often search to reconcile this disparity through “finding our person”.

Give up on finding your person.

We can still want to find them.

We get to feel our feelings and have our desires.

And the real formula is to be the person you want to be with in each moment, on the journey, and though the profound and trivial unfolding that is our lives.

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

― Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

A Prayer to My Future Lover

A Prayer to My Future Lover

The fields of our lovemaking have yet to be harvested. I planted plenty of seeds, and seeds have been planted in me.

But none have borne fruit that ripened; rather, they have rotted inside a chasm called desire.

This has shown up in my every attempt at a relationship because, I suspect, my heart knew it was not you. You would never ask me to live in a moldy basement, to be shackled by debt because you lack vision, and you would never ask me to surrender the parts of me that make me whole.

I am and have always been whole. I am built this way.

But the men I’ve been with picked me apart like crows feasting on a carcass. I was a threat. We briefly weaved our lives together like a revolutionary flag to be burned by the very revolution it represented.

Some compare the feeling of loss after a shoddy lover leaves to a heart breaking. My heart has never broken fully. It just opened a little more to create room for you. But, the scars are there—burn marks from lovers who lied, for whom I overcompensated.

And I’ve often wondered why you haven’t done what was needed to find me sooner.

Where are you? Are you on a grand adventure? What preparations must be met for our meeting to coalesce? Don’t you want to have sex every day?

I’ve been told not to beg for you. I’ve been told prayers of beseechment are futile. And I must confess, I’m not doing a very good job of holding space for you. My mind gets cluttered with expectations of others and is in constant atonement when the man I meet isn’t you.

I’ve seen myself in the women who are past the time allotted to have a child. I’ve seen the question marks of failure on women’s faces that point to having to wait too long for a wish to be granted. Today, I feel like those women. The only distinction is my beliefs.

I believe if I ask for what I truly want, then I will experience it. So, I’m asking.

Lover of mine, find me. Don’t wait a moment longer. Come create with me. Let’s elevate our minds and our lives together. I’m exhausted from dumbing myself down so other men can catch up. Let’s hit the ground running. More than this, let’s wake up every day and choose each other.

I have created my life to be an invitation to those who want to peer into existence and see that they are the great and mighty Oz. I wish I could hear you calling to me, because I can’t stand all that is getting lost in translation.

I’m tired of being misunderstood. I’m tired of love being confused as a lesson. I’m tired of sex being an afterthought. I’m noticing a trend. I’m not sleeping beauty, though.

So my prayer is this: “Let’s wake up together.”

Come get me.



Experience Freedom–Breakup!

Experience Freedom–Breakup!

In America, we are raised on romance—the notion that there is a perfect “forever” for us.

Of course, this is a template that has been handed down through generations of traditions, stipulations, and dictations. A lot of us think that being in a relationship will elevate our status. If we date someone with money, who is hot, who has connections, who can support our dreams, or who, at the very least, will sooth loneliness, then we can feel good about our lives.

But, what happens when we get into a relationship that breaks us down instead of builds us up?

An event called cognitive dissonance, which is when our external reality does not match the internal imagery of who we think we are, can lead to us confusing love with abusive or demeaning behaviors from our partners. Furthermore, our internal world acts as a filter to external input. So, we often cannot see the subtle degradations that chip away at our well-being.

We will often choose oppression and suppression over separation from our investment. And, that’s what a relationship is—an investment of time, energy, and resources.

Things are even more complicated when we are married to dysfunction—that is to say, that the contribution of both parties involved in creating the relationship are infusing it with distorted communication. This results in a toxic, yet often addictive, environment.

It can feel like a cage. It can undermine self-esteem. We can be aware of the discomfort, but at a total loss on how to shift it. In fact, we can keep making choices that reinforce our perception of being trapped.

Some of us attempt leaving the situation only to be pulled back in. Some of us wall off and withdraw from our significant other as a form of punishment. Some of us try to change who we are so we can manipulate our partner. At times we are aware of how we are contributing to the chaos. But, most of the time we are reactionary, which is born from our survival instincts.

When life is constructed from the energy of survival our choices become limited to fight, flight, freeze, or using sex as a means of control. Relationships are formed by two people contributing to a third entity. It becomes the vehicle that both sets the trajectory for each person, and helps to map out how each person is to behave in order to keep the wheels from falling off.

In an almost automatic fashion, when troubles arise, one person may want to veer off the road, while the other one wants to push harder on the accelerator. Each person has a choice to approach or avoid the conflict that shows up by virtue of habits, belief systems, and systemic issues. Suffice to say, we often cling the tightest to the thing we need to let go of the most.

Ironically, the action we need to take may be the last thing we perceive as accessible.

If you want to experience freedom then the right thing to do is break up. Actually, it isn’t even the right thing to do, it will inevitably be the next thing that happens because the soul is not meant to be confined.

 Our birthright is to live an expressed life. We are the keepers of our fate and the arbiters of our destiny. Relationships have many functions. They can be a classroom and teach us. They can be a museum and help us archive memories. They can be a theme park and thrill us. They can be a spiritual journey and elevate our consciousness. But, rarely, are they meant to be a prescription to quell the persecution inflicted by life’s challenges.

Furthermore, although it is touted as such, self-love is also not a prescription to living a happy life. So often we search for reconciliation of our discomfort through intellectual means. We seek to explain away pain and to justify our folly. But, none of this is necessary. Freedom is immediately accessible if you are willing to let go.

The mistake we make when approaching breakup from frenetic emotions or analysis is to believe we have failed in some way. This is simply not true. Freedom comes when you remember you have, and always have had, a choice in the matter.

Living life as if it should have a defined outcome will ruin it. Don’t plan on forever with someone.  Plan on spending your life having experiences that enrich your awareness of who you are and how you can use that to live your purpose.

Loving yourself simply means coming to full acceptance that you will be in a relationship with yourself for as long as your body lingers on this earth.

So, don’t think too hard on whether you can save your relationship or not. If you are asking that question, the answer is “No.”

Release it. Let go. Experience freedom and breakup.

Be free.


How to Cope with Waking up Lonely.

How to Cope with Waking up Lonely.

The grand continent of North America is filled with lone wolves.

Life delegates the business of creation to them, and they diligently leverage their surroundings for survival. The full moon represents the richness of emotion that the wolf pack of one feels.

Where the “lions” of the world feel pride, the lone wolf can only release the tenderness of loneliness through a howl—a long drawn out moan that often comes as no more than a sigh once the dawn breaks.

I understand this all too well, because I am a lone wolf who often wakes up lonely. It’s as if dawn’s break has stopped being a promise for a new day and has become more of a reminder that I bear the responsibilities of life in seclusion.

As a lone wolf, I will share this sentiment with others, but someone who isn’t a wolf will often offer the “solution” of “enjoy being alone.”

Being a wolf holds a special kind of meaning in Native American culture. According to my Spirit Animal Totem Tarot card deck, wolf means intelligence and keen instinct, and wolf is challenged by distrust in self and others. The companion book to my Spirit Animal deck goes on to say, “The wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine.”

So, the first way to cope with being lonely is to view ourself as a wolf. In those moments of solitude, we’re collecting wisdom and medicine to share with the tribe. It has been said that, “Many hands make light work.” And that work gets initiated by the wolves of the world. The ones who learn to clear the clutter so that they can listen to Spirit and trust their guidance. Some call this instinct.

And if we are a lone wolf, the second way to cope is to trust that our instinct has kept us safe thus far—and that it will lead us home. We spend a lot of time making ourselves wrong for who we are. A wolf knows he is not a bear, a bunny or a hawk. Each animal plays its role in the world.

We are lonely. We can cope with it by owning who we are, where we are.

We can always create something different. Wolf packs are known to roam hundreds of miles. If we don’t like where we live, the job we have, the people we associate with, then we can pick somewhere else to be. “Wherever you go, there you are,” so the first place we need to choose to be is in a new belief system.

Loneliness is a judgement against the circumstances we chose long ago. It’s like buying something on credit and then having to pay it off later. So, like a wolf would do, we hunt and gather resources and pay what we can now. We eat what we hunted and if we have no food we hunt for more.

Loneliness is often coupled with entitled feelings like, “I shouldn’t have to hunt; I should just get what I want because I want it.”

All animals have to hunt.

So why are some animals at the top of the food chain while others have to scavenge?

Ask. Prayer and asking questions are the two most effective ways to cope with waking up lonely. Howl your anguish. Ask “Why?” Ask “How?” Ask “What will it take for me to fulfill my destiny?”  Then pray prayers of thanks. Our giving of gratitude opens the doors of receiving in our hearts.

As you pray, set time aside to light candles and hold ceremony in your home or find a place in nature that you can be held by Father Sky and Mother Earth. All the creepy crawly things are your friends. Know that you are a vestal for Creator to be expressed. Your loneliness is signaling the need for a conversation. And prayer is that conversation.

If you don’t know how to pray, then simply journal your thoughts or take a moment to meditate.

Then stand at the precipice of the edge of your creations, gaze over the expanse with your keen eyesight, and envision that which you seek is seeking you. When you howl, you send a signal to your great love, to the experiences you are longing for, and to your great fortune to know where you are in the world. So lift your head, puff your chest, and howl.

Release loneliness and send the signal, “I’m here.”

Then trust your pack is coming for you!


You did not Come Here to be Fixed…

You did not Come Here to be Fixed…

What if each day of life only required one thing of us—to love it more than the last?

Worries would dissolve with the dawn. The hours of fretting would pass into a time that only children could recall in stories—tales of heroes, villains and well-worn aphorisms.

The taste of victory would linger, for on this day the exuberant acceptance of all that is bevels the edges of ambition just enough to allow for just a little more expansion.

How many of us live with such passion?

Without this kind of loving our days create vapid chasms. We supplant the invocation of our real selves with stuff, things and substances. The layers of addiction range from subtle to grotesque. In the absence of this kind of love, this kindness and graceful disposition, life becomes something to carve out. It scrapes our insides into caverns where no light shines besides the dimly lit intellect—the intersection of folly and hubris.

How many of us live lives of quiet desperation?

Some will try to build a bridge between their vapid existence and unrealized passion using bricks of comparison. This is hardly a bridge, but more of a disheveled pile—a weight. You see, passion is like the blue sky frosted with wispy clouds. It is like a bird who pecks away at a dead carcass in a busy intersection—a movement just before a car speeds by, the gesture of flapping its wings miraculously lifting it from earth to sky. Calamity is evaded.

Passion can wait until the last second to signal to its host, “It is time for action.” It can lay dormant for years under the weight of trying to fit in.

At times, passion has to be coaxed out by unfettered inspirations. Nature teaches us the exercise of faith by bringing us to the edge of death every night, dimming the light to shear nothingness before the promise of a new day dawns. She is illuminating that the path to excellence includes sleeping with our shadows.

“It’s hard.” “I can’t do this.” “I’ve had enough.”

These are the declarations of the darkness—a place void of vision. Most of us sleep right through this. Most of us is really all of us if we regard humanity like the ocean. Some of us are waves that crash on the shore and some are just waves that fold back into themselves.

How many of us feel lost at sea?

How many of us are stretching our arms out and pressing against the resistance in a way that results in a buoyancy—the gesture of swimming. Here now, it’s okay. Most of us sink the first time we get into the murky seas of life. Most of us, much like all of us, can hardly decipher what kind of fish we are because we are all fish in water, beholden to our nature.

Then something happens. It does not matter how old or young you are. It is as if the primordial sludge you began as cannot help but evolve forward. Questions arise. Curiosity peaks. Obsession with creation demands focus. A dizzy feeling of orgasm with no source of defined stimuli begins to sweep through your body.

There it is! Passion.

It has been in you this whole time. Just beyond the edges of your questioning, “Why?” it was there. It was waiting for you to stop worrying about how. It was wondering if you would stop trying to define it. It was yelling at you that this day is not promised, but as long as you wake it will wake with you as if you were the sunrise itself. Because you are. You are the dawn. You are the morning light.

We work so hard in this life to “have” enough and to “be” enough. We break our hearts, our backs and our bodies for it.

How many of us are looking to you to be the one to lead the way?

Go boldly in the direction of your dreams. They have been gifted to you. Each moment is a choice to pay a price for your freedoms. What are you willing to trade?

Passion will never let you down if you are willing to be a worthy partner. It will run with you. It will guide you. It will stir your senses and scare you sh*tless. And at the end of this day’s loving it will tuck you in with this sweet reminder:

You did not come here to be fixed, but to remember that you have never been broken.