Medical Medium Session: To address health issues

Messages from the “Dead”: To heal grief and loss

Medicine Witch Session: To deal with life and decision making

Breakup Rehab: To deal with relationship shit 

Success Requires the Right Training!

With her undergraduate degree in Biology, Philosophy, and Psychology, her graduate degree in Counseling Psychology, three years as a personal trainer, and a life-time as a psychic and Medicine Witch, Rebekah Freedom is a powerful and wise teacher. (That’s me, I’m Rebekah and I’m going to help you.) I offer three very unique training courses that address health issues, grief and loss, and basic life-skills. The structure of each training is unique. Click on the pictures below to learn more.


I’ve worked with people from all walks of life who have been through various hardships from being sexually abused to being on the battlefield. I’ve worked with teens coming off of hard drugs. I’ve heard a lot of challenging stories. Trust, I’ve been through the fire a few times. 

So, when working with me, my clients can be assured they will not be judged. Beyond that, I don’t coddle people. I set them up for success and make sure they are ready to receive the truth. 

I do what it takes to get people where they want to be in their lives. That requires money…your money. As in, this is an investment. I’d just like to point that out in case you want something for free. I’m happy to help if you are happy to earn it. So, let’s talk and then figure out how to get you what you want.

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