I’ve worked with people from all walks of life who have been through various hardships from being sexually abused to being on the battlefield. I’ve worked with teens coming off of hard drugs. I’ve heard a lot of challenging stories and I’m living through my own. 

So, when working with me, my clients can be assured they will not be judged. Beyond that, I don’t caudal people. I set them up for success and make sure they are ready to receive the truth. 

A session with me looks very much like a traditional therapy session. I ask a few preliminary questions. And after listening I can begin to read the energy and translate what is going on on a subconscious level. Insights extend to family linage issues, talking with angels, clearing body imbalances, using oracle cards to access deeper information, and humor to lighten the burdens we carry. As a medium I will often speak in tongues, deliver messages from lost loved ones, and explain the metaphysics of creating our reality. 

Sessions last around 90 minutes and run at the rate of $250.


Medical Medium Session: To address health issues

Messages from the “Dead”: To heal grief and loss

Medicine Witch Session: To deal with life and decision making

Breakup Rehab: To deal with relationship shit 

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